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Historical Aboriginal Grave found in Sydney Suburb
by bluey Sunday, Mar 20 2011, 12:33am
national / human rights / commentary

The final resting place of prominent Aboriginal figure (in white history) Woollarawarre Bennelong, has been found in the front garden of a Sydney suburban residence by researcher, Dr Peter Mitchell.

Bennelong, as he is popularly known by white culture, paid the ultimate price for befriending whites and attempting to adopt their ways.

Bennelong and recently discovered grave site
Bennelong and recently discovered grave site

Bennelong made the mistake of befriending the whites after the first fleet landed in the late 18th century; he became an invaluable asset to the British in placating the local aborigines at the time – the historical record notes an incident in which a white convict/settler raped an eight year old native girl; clearly a cause for tribal rebellion. However, with the help of tamed (with booze) Aborigines like Bennelong, local tribes had already been decimated and culturally gutted by the time of the rape.

Fittingly, it was alcohol that cut the life of Bennelong short, he died a drunk before he reached 50, no doubt a very sorry man.

Bennelong is recognised in Oz history and culture to this day, the Sydney Opera House was built on Bennelong Point, such was the recognition whites had given their trusty native asset.

Governor Arthur Phillip took Bennelong on the customary trip to England as a showpiece, trophy and curiosity, no doubt to ‘highlight’ the genetic superiority and Imperial might of white Britain – but as we are all aware, Britannia rules nothing these days. America has taken over the dastardly role of mass murdering Imperial invader -- as is all to evident today. However, the formula/propaganda and racist tricks, have not changed one iota, ain’t that right you jihadist, Muslim, ‘ragheads’ -- are we bombing Libya and stealing their oil yet?

A huge shit-fight between white and remnant native culture will no doubt erupt over the grave and fate of Bennelong’s remains unless of course hand-picked ‘tamed’ aboriginals are involved.

The grave's discovery should remind us all of the ugly reality of Imperialism; a plaque or memorial to the millions of natives directly and indirectly murdered by ALL Imperial powers around the world would be appropriate – that is the REAL significance of the grave and Bennelong’s tragic story, you stinking, mass murdering, rapacious, mercantile, corporatist filth!

Fair fuckin’ go aligning ourselves to criminal America, Oz; we KNOW better!

[Compare the above accurate rendering with the mass media version linked below.]

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