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Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, where’s the Love?
by Kismo Thursday, Mar 17 2011, 10:42pm
international / mass media / commentary

One can’t help but notice headlines like that (link below) but the inference couldn’t be further from the TRUTH – there is NO LOVE in a Corporate that marries the CIA, a KNOWN (MURDERING) QUANTITY, and forms a partnership of evil SURVEILLANCE on ALL Internet users -- verifiable fact #1.

Eric 'corporatist' Schmidt
Eric 'corporatist' Schmidt

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, the largest data trawling, storage and data search Company on the planet, knows the value of his accumulated data and how it is utilised to manipulate search results and attack, via its CIA partner, anyone that opposes the CORPORATIST AGENDA -- which is destroying the planet as I write!

Just take a look at this thing (see pic) masquerading as a human being – if a picture is worth a thousand words then a picture of a FACE tells it all – and what a ghastly sight this CORPORATIST makes.

Google’s excuse for forming a working partnership with the MURDERING CIA -- one of the world’s most evil and LAWLESS organisations -- is to prevent ‘terrorist attacks’ by monitoring the Internet in real time in order to identify certain trends. This totally absurd excuse beggars belief as anyone in the IT industry would inform you that Google accumulates LITERAL data, therefore even the simplest abstract code, a 12yo could crack, defies detection by an insentient computer; so-called ‘terrorists’ would NEVER openly and literally state their intentions/plans over the Internet, I’m sure even the average American moron is able to grasp this simple but very REVEALING fact.

So, it’s goodbye to the now very worn and tattered ‘terrorist threat’ excuse. [Thinking people are always on the alert for anyone that uses that tired ‘terrorist’ excuse -- it immediately identifies Corporatists and their lackeys. That is HUMAN monitoring and deduction in action, Schmidt, you transparent clown.]

What Google and the CIA are really doing is monitoring everyone on the internet who opposes a particular world view, in other words it’s just more BIG BROTHER SURVEILLANCE for dumbarses that confess all in literal form to social networks and chats; like sexual preferences, personal habits, political views etc. Alienated people do this in the vain hope they might attract ‘real friends,’ in an unreal ‘digital’ medium, get it? Social alienation now wears a non-alienated ‘friendly’ mask. Nevertheless, all the (desperate) information is monitored down to the last comma and stop by Google and its CIA partner!

For those Americans unable to add 2+2, consider the highly personal questions asked by social networks such as sexual orientation, habits, religious/philosophical views, likes/dislikes and political views etc; it all makes the job of identification/profiling much easier for FUTURE OPPRESSIVE MEASURES – where did YOU think all this monitoring and surveillance was going, you lonely, brainless, desperados?

Of course, REAL opponents and subversives of evil CORPORATISTS and their enforcement arm, the Pentagon and CIA, are miles ahead of the game. They monitor Google monitoring their ‘honey-pots’ and ‘real’ sites. Incontrovertible mathematical proof now exists that Google has begun manually intervening in order to disadvantage certain sites in search results. This intervention predominantly occurs from Google’s head office at Mountain View, California. Our hackers and mathematicians easily identify algorithms as against manual intervention. In other words, the 'digital sword' cuts both ways, the monitored are doing the monitoring and collecting valuable data on Google as EVIDENCE for perhaps the EU anti-trust case or for future legal action against Google for whoever may benefit from this valuable information -- which CLEARLY indicates illegal tampering by Google's CRIMINAL (moron) staff and/or other CORPORATIST lackeys!

It matters not if Google's interventions are sanctioned by the criminal CIA, this is a matter of Corporate or Commercial Law – good luck ‘Googes,’ cos your gonna need it!

Screwed by SKILL and EXPERTISE again, Mr moron CEO – rofl

As for the CIA and Pentagon just keep killing innocent civilians for CORPORATE PROFITS, you're sure to ’win’ that way. [Dumb and dumber!]

Since this interview Google/Schmidt has entered into a Surveillance Partnership with the CIA -- that's 'Integrity' for you!

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