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Assange: the Cost of Breaking the Hacker code of Anonymity
by Kismo Thursday, Feb 24 2011, 7:25pm
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Julian Assange has been “caged,” to use his own expression, since his initial arrest in London on an EU warrant alleging sexual misconduct in Sweden and remains caged today with bail conditions still applying while his inept team of glamour boy barristers and drunken solicitors determine how much more they can milk from his case. A gifted person with Assange’s social awareness should have known that (ALL) lawyers are the parasites of the modern age and should be avoided at all costs. Are you regretting now the personal and other REAL costs associated with your narcissistic (conditioned) need for notoriety, Julian? Silly boy!

Assange loses
Assange loses

Assange, a self-confessed hacker, was fully cognisant of the hackers most powerful weapon outside his/her digital skills – A-N-O-N-Y-M-I-T-Y! He chose to break that code for the most trivial reason – all the material on WikiLeaks could have been revealed without anyone breaking the secrecy code, but Assange wanted to be a ‘Paris Hilton’ and was blinded by his now very apparent personality failings. Furthermore, he began to use the WikiLeaks material for personal attacks on his perceived enemies in a way identical to blackmail – so, it’s come to this!

It is clearly time to separate the concept and purpose of WikiLeaks from the dysfunctional personality of Assange, he clearly was not personally ‘up to the task’ though his/the concept of WikiLeaks was indeed a very valuable contribution to society. He is not the first flawed personality to create something revolutionary but now WikiLeaks must, to maintain its INTEGRITY, dissociate itself from its founder and continue to do its valuable job for society.

It’s over, Julian, you not only breached an inviolable hacker code but broke a critical rule of guerrilla warfare by allowing a stronger, slower opponent to apprehend you, stupid beyond belief!

Let the Assange case be a cogent lesson for all digital warriors and other fighters for Truth, Freedom and Liberty.

The Watergate material was all delivered anonymously and the real identity of the leaker was not revealed until his death.

WE are Many – we are One -- we are ANONYMOUS. [You cannot stop what you cannot see!]

Good luck Julian, you deeply flawed mamma's boy.

When is this 'gifted' mamma's boy going to wake up to the FACT that he is opposing organised crime? "Justice" exists only in your deluded dreams, Julian. As for us, we ARE the ANONYMOUS underground, a FORMIDABLE, amorphous force. When you fight criminals you do NOT surrender yourself as an open target and then hope to prevail in THEIR domain-- you've lost it, dreamboat!

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