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Every Satellite in Space, Civilian or Military is vulnerable to Hackers
by nano Friday, Feb 18 2011, 11:32pm
international / social/political / news report

A fact most governments would never publicise. This reality exists due to the need of ground bases to communicate, navigate and conduct a host of ‘housekeeping’ and security activities – notwithstanding accidental breaches due to solar and gamma radiation. And therein lays the vulnerability, comms links from ground to space.


The new frontier is truly with us; elite ‘uber’ (invisible) hackers have for years now been relentlessly pounding away at these satellites. One of them had to crack sooner or later and according to the hacker underground, IT DID! Furthermore, that satellite is a fully armed military model capable of laying waste to any ‘superpower,’ though no information on ownership was forthcoming!

The purported compromise (hack) heralds a new dawn in itself, we can kiss goodbye to the so-called supremacy of the State and acknowledge the power, skill and genius of small groups or indeed, single individuals – astounding! If this rumour has any substance, it proves a theory I outlined years ago – that a single skilled (digital warrior) individual could indeed compromise a State – how times have changed!

It should not be forgotten that a slight variation of the above theme has already been demonstrated by WikiLeaks; the digital era allowed/facilitated the events we are now witnessing -- the effect a few individuals are having on numerous States continues as I write.

It matters little whether or not Assange abuses ‘budgerigars’ or likes to have sex with groupies, the point is, the DIGITAL era has created a new world with shifting and unstable power dynamics. Furthermore, if we expand on that just a little, we see more elites appearing on the horizon with VASTLY different values to that of the ‘old world.’ For example, it is already well known that some of these groups cannot be bought and members shun fame or notoriety.

Nevertheless, they have values, most of which are diametrically opposed to those of the powers, Russia, America and China.

It remains to be seen, how this compromise will be utilised – perhaps making security codes available to Julian Assange so he could effectively bring the US to its knees – little joke!

We shall see, but it is evident that the first demonstration will be the last, as the resulting exposure would result in shutdown or self-destruct sequences – I’m only guessing now.

In any case, WELCOME to the NEW AGE of anonymous, highly skilled, maverick elites. And America, bite your mass murdering, criminal arse; you can consider yourself very fortunate that it’s not me that has the 'keys,' I’m an Aussie too, and there’s no love lost with your meddling in OUR nation’s internal affairs!

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