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Assange claims Oz Labor Party "co-opted" by US
by baz Sunday, Feb 13 2011, 6:23am
international / mass media / commentary

In an interview televised on Australia’s SBS last night, Julian Assange made the ‘highly revealing’ claim that the Oz Labor Party is essentially a bunch of errand boys and girls for Washington, Wow! We really didn’t know that, but Julian, there’s the ‘little’ matter of the L-i-b-e-r-a-l Party, and that traitorous, bastard, John ‘deputy sheriff’ Howard, you remember him, don’t you, Mr chief EDITOR, Assange?

Assange with his mother
Assange with his mother

I mean really, the fact that a former Liberal PM had his head so far up the arse of an American President for YEARS, didn’t warrant a mention, give Oz a break, Julian! Is it because you are playing vendettas with the Labor Party, JULIAN, you fuckin’ C-H-I-L-D?

If there were any doubts regarding YOU using WikiLeaks for your own purposes, then your GIANT OMISSIONS and SELECTIVE editing removes them all!

The obvious and known FACT is that BOTH major parties have been subservient to Washington for decades. At least since Liberal Party leader, Malcolm Frazer, with the assistance of the CIA and GG, John Kerr, ousted an elected Australian leader and took office – with a ‘little assistance’ from the corporate media might I add. But ‘one-eyed’ Julian only sees what HE wants to see!

Fair dinkum, mate, you are really becoming tedious with your infantile personal vendettas.

If anyone wishes to view the full interview it is available here.

Good fuckin’ luck, mate, you’ve lost us!

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