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Washington’s Belated Response to Assange
by bluey Thursday, Feb 10 2011, 7:17pm
international / mass media / commentary

Very late in the day and well after a failed attempt by the US Administration to link Pte. Bradley Manning’s alleged disclosures to the person of Julian Assange, Washington’s Corporate controlled political puppets have released a statement indicating that they are not out to get Julian Assange, though they reserve the right to charge him if evidence becomes available in the future.

The puppet US ambassador to Oz, Jeffrey Bleich, informed a ‘Business’ gathering/dinner in Melbourne that: "The concerns we have do not centre on Julian Assange and … never should have.” Well, you could’ve fooled the rest of the world, as press release after press release clearly stated that the US administration was attempting to link Assange to Bradley Manning in an effort to charge him with conspiracy under an old 1917 espionage act!

However, it is WIDELY known the US has no credibility and a very tenuous relationship with reality these days (Egypt); the idiotic statement of the US ambassador in Melbourne confirms that fact. The ambassador added that: "There have been individual Americans who have said reckless and irresponsible things about [Mr Assange] in the wake of the first tranche of releases, but these statements are completely at odds with the actions and the policy of the United States and we repudiate them." A little late for repudiation in view of the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, you yank idiot!

Oz is somehow cursed with receiving the most imbecilic American diplomats, surely after the many gaffes and idiotic statements of previous ambassadors we would have expected a higher quality idiot to fill the post, but no such luck or perhaps we already have their best – and people wonder why the USA is in tail-spin!

Nevertheless, to the astonishment of political analysts and commentators the ambassador appeared to belatedly accept some responsibility: "The US government is absolutely responsible for protecting its classified information and so we bear full responsibility for this enormous security breach," he said.

However the CONTEXT of all these events should be viewed from the perspective in which they occur; it should be noted that Corporate America first utilised its media arm to whip the moronic population into a lynch-mob frenzy demanding the execution/‘head’ of Assange -- there were no lack of American morons appearing on talk shows and ‘news’ interviews calling for his death or incarceration without trial and without proof of any illegality. That’s modern America for you, TAKE NOTE WORLD, as Central Asia, the Middle East, the Balkans, Caucuses and various African States are well aware.

There is nothing civilised about a civilian killing – on almost a daily basis – terrorist nation that legalised TORTURE and subjects its population to intrusive surveillance and the most deplorable bodily intrusions (genital probing) at airports.

Readers will note that it was the FINANCIAL and CORPORATE SECTOR, Mastercard ,Visa, Paypal, Amazon AND a Swiss Bank that turned on Assange initially and attempted to starve him of the much needed funds he receives in the form of donations; bear in mind that this was a BORDERLESS, nationless, INTERNATIONAL, CORPORATE ATTACK on Assange.

Of particular significance was the termination of Assange’s Swiss Bank account, which could be a first considering the Swiss have allowed Nazis to safely store their gold and other stolen valuables in their vaults, not to mention the money that white-collar tax cheats and organised criminals have safely deposited in SWISS BANKS – give me a break on the OBVIOUS elitist financial and corporate connection in the attacks on Assange! Whatever else happens, the world owes a debt of gratitude to ‘glamour boy’ Assange for unintentionally making PLAIN who and what is really in control of ‘OUR’ world today!

The ‘circus’ continues; Assange appears in a London court today for a decision in an extradition case relating to accusations of sexual misconduct, which could theoretically go on for years – a lawyer’s wet-dream. Good luck Julian ‘old bean;’ you have been CORRALLED, glamour boy, didn’t you know?

You will live to regret breaking the hacker code of ANONYMITY, Julian, enjoy your notoriety and the shit that comes with it -- CAPTURED, how does it feel?

O, I almost forgot; Amerika, you are going down for your heinous crimes against humanity. The world sees you PLAIN as day – it is over!


[A taunt for all the moronic agencies in hot pursuit – if you require something to suck on, SUCK on our A-N-O-N-Y-M-I-T-Y. Don’t it jus piss ya? ROFLMFAO!]


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Hearing adjourned until 24 Feb
by dread - WSJ Friday, Feb 11 2011, 6:09am

the judge hearing the Assange extradition case has adjourned the matter until 24 Feb -- Assange was released on bail under existing conditions/restrictions.

To think, Assange could have been happily gallivanting around the world leaking all sorts of material had he chosen to remain ANONYMOUS, silly, narcissistic, (mommas) boy!

We are Many -- We are ONE -- 'We are mobile' and Unstoppable

[greetz to the rest and best]

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