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Assange faces wrath of "man-hating" Swedish ‘dyke’ in Extradition Case
by nano Monday, Feb 7 2011, 9:27pm
international / mass media / commentary

According to retired Swedish (female) appeals court judge, Brita Sundberg-Weitman, the chief Swedish prosecutor in the Assange extradition case, Marianne Ny, is a classic "man-hating" ‘dyke,’ or to use the muted language of the legal profession, [possesses] a “rather biased … malicious … view against men". Quite possible, but something that all sexually active Aussie males should be entirely familiar with!

Marianne Ny
Marianne Ny

There certainly is no shortage of man-hating dykes in Oz, the difference here is that a growing percentage of Aussie dykes have occasional sex with men – it probably allows them to vent their poisonous man-hating psychoses when they feel slighted in some way – I speak from experience, ol’ mate, enjoy the ride and irony of the situation.

Whatever the outcome, the authorities have succeeded in distracting the public away from the intended subject – crime and corruption in high office/government! It’s the name of the game, Julian, and the sooner a ‘gifted’ anarchist like you is able to launch a counter-strategy/attack, the sooner WikiLeaks’ primary objective will become the focus of attention again, but so far you’re coming a very poor second.

It is NO SECRET that perverse homosexuality among government officials -- including that LYING FRAUD (fag) Obama – is RIFE these days. The proof and DAMNING evidence should not be too difficult for a gifted whistleblower to obtain. We could assist in this regard, however, it would require approval from people that are currently enjoying watching a 9/11 Truth denier, ‘gifted,’ wick-dipping hacker, glamour boy, navigate the well-earned wrath of the powers with his notorious ‘PUBLIC IDENTITY.’ Whatever else they may say about you, Julian, the fact remains, you ARE a Fool.

Let the Assange circus be a constant reminder to all the crewz that ANONYMITY is POWER and breaking the code attracts the full force of the ‘man,’ which clearly reduces the effectiveness of attacks and delays the realisation of our broader objectives.

We are MANY – we are ONE – WE are UNSTOPPABLE.

Have a nice wasted day, Julian; we can’t wait for the next entertaining and instructive instalment from London – good luck, old ‘boy!’

[Disseminate widely.]


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Assange Lawyer challenges Swedish prosecutor, Ny, to appear in London
by don Tuesday, Feb 8 2011, 5:20pm

'Man-hating' Swedish prosecutor challenged to attend proceedings and subject herself to cross-examination.

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