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Gillard does a 'Pontius' on Assange
by bluey Thursday, Feb 3 2011, 11:39pm
international / injustice/law / commentary

In response to Julian Assange’s plea to return safely home to Oz – ya gotta Luv this place and hate its spineless pollies – Oz PM, Gillard, true to form, did a ‘Pontius Pilate’ on Assange; and please, I’m not making any connection whatsoever between a martini-drinking, 40yo mamma’s boy and media glamour boy, and mythic hero/social reformer, Jimmy Jesus Christ!

Assange, 'gifted' hacker
Assange, 'gifted' hacker

But according to prevailing myth, hacker-dude, Assange, is supposed to be ‘gifted’ and an intelligent, socially aware, political activist; does he not remember that it was Gillard who attempted to implement, for her Corporate masters, the ability of Corporate bosses/managers to spy on the PERSONAL email communications and other PRIVATE online messages of their employees – I mean give me a break on that brazen Totalitarian/Stasi tactic! Would that attempted implementation give you a hint on Gillard’s servile personality, allegiances to Corporatists and LACK of independent leadership skills? C’mmon Julian, even my beer drinking mates can pick a LACKEY when they see one!

I hope it is now evident to all that I am not writing this piece from a partisan position -- neither Gillard nor Assange are favourites of mine; however, a point needs to be made regarding OUR cowardly and servile to Washington, UNREPRESENTATIVE and ‘TREASONOUS’ politicians.

Gillard says she can "do nothing" for Assange, much in the same manner as the previous Howard government could do nothing for deluded Oz citizen, David Hicks, except perhaps assist in his torture and horrendous ordeal at Guantanamo Bay – another torture victim from that era is fighting back, and has already received compensation from the Gillard government for Australia’s appalling dereliction of responsibility in KNOWINGLY allowing an Oz citizen to be ‘rendered’ by the CIA and tortured in Egypt and Pakistan in the presence of Australian officials! O, woe, woe, woe to ALL Oz pollies and senior bureaucrats when the ‘crunch’ comes and come IT WILL!

It should be obvious to any, martini drinking, socially aware, gifted hacker, (toff) excuse me while I barf -- that the only way to deal with spineless Oz pollies, is to kick them in the teeth, cunt or balls; get the TRAITOROUS, compromising ‘goods’ on them in some way. They are ALL treasonously, unrepresentative and work for foreign Corporate interests, hint, hint! A smart whistleblower like you must have some ‘dirt’ on them. Or do we need to refer to the public record and former PM Rudd’s infamous remark to Senator ‘integrity’ and backflipper of the century, Peter Garrett, to paraphrase: ‘once we win government we won’t have to do anything!’ Rudd certainly lived up to that remark!

Can you see it NOW? Rudd is Foreign Minister; he makes all the right noises but is INCAPABLE of DOING anything – a perfect Oz politician these days.

You will soon learn, Julian, there’s a very high price to pay for breaking our hacker warrior code of A-N-O-N-Y-M-I-T-Y, you could have leaked all the material to the media without divulging your identity, glamour boy – do you remember, ‘deep throat’ and Watergate?

In any case don’t hold your breath waiting for assistance from the spineless lackeys in Canberra, Mr Assange – they all serve foreign interests NOT the people of Australia. It will be a pleasure hanging them for treason.

Good luck old boy, tally ho, that’s a nice chappy, hacker, whistleblower, gifted WANKER!

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