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Assange, a 'martini-drinking' common blackmailer
by nano Thursday, Jan 13 2011, 4:39am
international / mass media / commentary

No one in the spotlight is really able hide their true nature; every action, from subtle facial expressions to overt behaviour and emphatic discourse reveals much and so it is with onetime media glamour boy, Julian Assange.

Julian Assange -- pot calling the kettle ..
Julian Assange -- pot calling the kettle ..

Firstly, I would state that I too am an Aussie but not of the martini drinking variety, I prefer beer, picked up the taste during my football playing days; nothing like hard contact sport to develop a keen thirst, teamwork skills and a healthy tolerance to FEAR, especially when dealing with overwhelming odds.

I consider playing competitive contact sport imperative in developing an all-round balanced character/personality. As an example of a person that CLEARLY did not engage in contact sports I cite that despicable, snivelling, cringing COWARD, John ‘deputy sheriff’ Howard, known war criminal, arse licker, groveller, and unfortunately for most Aussies, former PM of Australia – get the point? Never elect a fear ridden, servile rodent to office AGAIN!

Now to Assange, an odd mixture of mamma’s boy, eccentric, rebel activist, womaniser, narcissist, and as his recent behaviour clearly indicates, ‘blackmailer’ -- a characteristic not compatible with or ‘written into the charter’ of WikiLeaks. In fact, Assange’s recent behaviour is in polar opposition to the principles upon which WikiLeaks was founded. Though no one has a monopoly on HYPOCRISY, just ask the USA!

At a glance, the entire situation between the U.S. and Assange drips with irony and needs no emphasis from me

The public, especially persons that risked much to supply Assange with data, were led to believe that the WikiLeaks organisation was NOT created to blackmail or personally profit from; have YOU got that, Julian? Your personal credibility is hovering on zero and about to plummet into the minuses, and you’ll only have your lack of personal integrity to blame if it does.

I urge you, Mr Assange, to cease your frail games and return to the principles upon which you founded WikiLeaks and simply R-E-V-E-A-L the information INTENDED by your CONTRIBUTORS for the WIDEST POSSIBLE PUBLICATION.

The cost of your present self-involved, infantile behaviour would see you go down in history as a self-serving hypocrite of the first order -- or worse.

You should also be aware that it is becoming increasingly difficult for any thinking person of integrity to support you.

Wake up, Julian, time is running out!

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