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Rumsfeld’s Book Release – 'Known and Unknown'
by quill Sunday, Jan 9 2011, 6:52pm
international / injustice/law / commentary

Call me old fashioned but I cannot for the life of me understand why or how a ‘KNOWN’ WAR CRIMINAL is able to brazenly engage in a tawdry exercise of revisionism, self-justification and apologetics for one of the most incompetent and criminal regimes in U.S. history.


Branded forever in my memory is the now infamous comment Rumsfeld made on national TV, “we know Saddam has weapons of mass destruction because he just has!” Contained in that simplistic, lunatic statement is the self-justifying criminal ‘logic' (deception) of the entire Bush regime.

Rather than glorify this man and assist in the sales of his inane and no doubt contorted version of events, Rumsfeld should be ARRESTED and held accountable for the NUMEROUS crimes he committed against the American people/military and against the people of Iraq during his tenure as Secretary of Defense. Donald Rumsfeld is a heinous, unrepentant, WAR CRIMINAL of the FIRST ORDER, one million dead Iraqi CIVILIANS and a ruined state is his legacy. His pending book release is an AFFRONT to all law-abiding citizens everywhere.

This new social shock tactic of committing heinous crimes ‘in plain site’ and constantly parading the culpable before the public is designed to shock and subdue the masses into submission. It demonstrates the powerlessness of the masses and the unrestrained power of a tiny ruling elite.

Parading an offensive, inept, moronic, KNOWN war criminal on the Corporate controlled media and publicising his book/diatribe sets a new low in American corruption, lunacy and social paralysis – my, ‘how the mighty have FALLEN!’

From the Washington Post:

The Reemergence of Donald Rumsfeld
by Ed O’Keefe

Details of Donald Rumsfeld's forthcoming book tour are out, as the former defense secretary plans to sit for a series of interviews with ABC News in early February, the network announced Thursday.

Rumsfeld, who served as defense secretary in two administrations, will make his first TV appearance since his November 2006 resignation on World News with Diane Sawyer on Feb 7. Good Morning America anchor George Stephanopoulos will conduct a live chat with him Feb. 8, ABC said.

Rumsfeld's book Known and Unknown is set for release the same week. It is set to draw upon hundreds of never-before-seen government documents, guaranteeing that the 832-page tome will make news. He reportedly bypassed traditional FOIA channels to secure access to many of the documents.

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Rumsfeld book-another view
by ellen barron Thursday, Jan 20 2011, 10:15am

There is a novel , titled "Donald," by Eric Martin, being released the same day as the real-life Rumsfeld’s work. While the two share a similar cover, the satire shows Rumsfeld wearing an orange prison jumpsuit reminiscent of a Guantanamo Bay detainee.

According to its publisher, McSweeney’s “Donald” asks the question: what would happen if Donald Rumsfeld, former defense secretary and architect of the war on terror, was abducted at night from his Maryland home, held without charges in his own prison system, denied a trial, and kept in a place where no one could find him, beyond the reach of the law?

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