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America the ‘Free’
by stylus Saturday, Jan 1 2011, 9:51pm
international / social equality/unity / news report

While America succumbs to the control of a CRIMINAL global, stateless, borderless, Transnational, Corporate/Banker elite that no longer feels it necessary to function in the shadows, the FREE WORLD takes stock of recent events and begins slowly, deliberately but ever so efficiently, to target those nefarious forces that have PROVEN BEYOND ALL DOUBT that they hold what civilised humanity considers sacred, the natural world, human life, our highest aspirations and noble values, in the utmost contempt -- especially if THEIR existence or monetary PROFITS are threatened.

Today, the trembling, tiny, EVIL criminal elites face the most difficult challenge of their entire sordid and bloody history. Not just from a handful of groups that have traditionally opposed them from the outset BUT, and I do not hesitate in stating this, the ENLIGHTENED MASSES of the 21st CENTURY.

It can confidently be broadcast and published by ALL without fear of reprisal -- lest accusers would openly identify themselves as aligned with, or working for the criminal elites -- that it is OVER for the black-hearted, heinous, mass murdering, planet-poisoning elites that have wreaked so much havoc and destruction on humanity and the natural world throughout history.

I speak of that good fight, the final confrontation between the forces of Light (peace/LOVE) and darkness (Destruction/Division/Hate). We need no bullets or modern weaponry to win this war, our most EFFECTIVE weapon is CHOICE born of KNOWLEDGE and our ability to easily discriminate between what is good and what is clearly evil/destructive.

WE are ONE in this GLOBAL fight and we KNOW there can be only ONE outcome.

We ARE the new World DAWNING, we are the RENEWED, global, borderless, stateless, people of the EARTH – we are MANY, we are ONE and we are UNSTOPPABLE!

Peace, Joy and HARMONY to all; a new REALITY has DAWNED; no more leaders or followers; WE are ONE irresistible sea of PEACE and HARMONY. [How easily are violent disruptors and hateful divisionists identified?]

Begin withdrawing your mental support and physical energy from the perversity that has infected our societies. Re-direct your energies to RESTORING JUSTICE, LAW, COMMUNITY and REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY everywhere. And, if necessary, MARCH -- a SEA of HUMANITY easily cleans the filth that clings to power in OUR capitals.

It may be over for America but it is just beginning for the WORLD.

[Disseminate this message widely.]


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