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Conversations with the Devil
by cleaves Monday, Dec 27 2010, 9:54pm
international / social/political / opinion/analysis

There are no mysteries in this universe; the only thing that veils REALITY is IGNORANCE.

A word of support for those ‘hovering’ in testing times: Despondency and all manner of psychological ills are unable to take root in KNOWLEDGE; awareness annihilates IGNORANCE, the mother of all FEAR.

Today ignorance and fear reign supreme in nations that would advertise the opposite. Yet it is PLAIN to see that nations that pretend to enlightenment, ‘Freedom, Liberty and Democracy,’ are enslaved by FEAR, HATE, DIVISION and VIOLENCE. I refer to the nation that was formed on principles that once made it the bastion of Freedom; however, I regret to say that today that nation has contracted into the most oppressive psychological SLAVERY known to the western world; of course I refer to America.

In the face of overwhelming evidence of criminal activity in the highest offices in the land the world witnesses an entire population PARALYSED, contracting, cowering in FEAR, unable to act – a Godless nation, for if belief was REAL, the Scriptures (all) clearly and ACCURATELY state that fear is cast out by LOVE/God!

Indeed, America today is in reality a Godless, mass murdering, invasive, thieving, rogue nation RULED by greed and the most heinous criminals at large – which I would add, have been EXPOSED on so many occasions I have lost count – BUT nothing has been done in over a DECADE to hold the culpable accountable and RESTORE the nation to its former glory. Instead, we witness, on almost a daily basis, more contractionism and erosion of liberties to the extent that now citizens are subjected to genital groping by unsavoury government employees at airports – I need not describe how submission to such degrading, intrusive forms of ASSAULT engenders subservience and slavery.

But the title of this piece infers a theological element, so I would refer to the Christian narrative that so few people are familiar with these days! The entire narrative of the Gospels is introduced and outlined in the early chapters of Luke, specifically the temptation of Christ; Satan, after failing to trick the protagonist, draws his last card and makes his final offer to Christ; from Luke Chapter 4:

5And the devil, taking him up into an high mountain, shewed unto him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time.

6And the devil said unto him, All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it.

7If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine.

8And Jesus answered and said unto him, Get thee behind me, Satan ...
We are not concerned with how the ‘Devil’ came to be in ownership of ALL temporal power and wealth, we are only concerned with the message, which is CLEAR, the ‘Devil’ rules governments, banks and every other institution of money and power! The message/EXAMPLE of Christ is simple and uncompromising; He turns his back on such things, as did his Eastern counterpart, Gautama Buddha. A very cogent lesson for a nation that worships money and power – I need not labour the point.

All of America’s crimes to date can be reduced to crimes of AVARICE – or the CORPORATE bottom line of PROFIT at any cost!

Does it follow that those who rule the USA would use tactics that define them as servants of ‘dark’ forces? A university degree is not required to understand the obvious, and only a little character is required to avoid denial.

As we are aware, there is no Light without Darkness to define it; all we will ever know of God and the Devil exist within us! As mature adults we should be aware that pigs do not fly and that the laws of nature are inviolate. It would serve the people well to interpret the Christian and other religious narratives as natural not supernatural stories.

A major theme of the Christian narrative is the story of a social reformer; a simple tradesman, outraged by the corruption and inequities of the society in which he lived who sets out to confront the corrupt ruling elite of his day. He cures the ‘blind’ and heals all manner of dis-ease during the course of his journey. A community of like-minded people is formed and the corrupt ruling elite is temporarily overthrown.

Would you care to make that outcome PERMANENT, or would you continue to suffer the consequences of allowing criminals to ply their nefarious, DESTRUCTIVE trade?

The choice, as always, is y/ours.


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US to step up security at hotels and malls -- [the enemy is YOU!]
by Staff report via stan - AFP Monday, Dec 27 2010, 10:40pm

WASHINGTON — The United States is stepping up security at "soft targets" like hotels and shopping malls, as well as trains and ports, as it counters the 'evolving Al-Qaeda threat,' a top official said Sunday. [Notwithstanding that Al-Qaeda numbers less than the American Mafia!]

A year after a [highly questionable] foiled bomb plot on a US-bound passenger plane [that conveniently facilitated the installation of X-Ray body scanners at airports] Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told CNN's "State of the Union" program that other places and modes of transportation must now be scrutinized.

"We look at so-called soft targets -- the hotels, shopping malls, for example -- all of which we have reached out to in the past year and have done a fair amount of training for their own employees," Napolitano said.

Since an attempted bombing on a packed Saturday night in Times Square in May, New York, for example, has installed hundreds of security cameras as part of a plan to triple the number of cameras to 3,000.

In September, the city activated some 500 new surveillance cameras at its three busiest subway stations -- Times Square, Penn Station and Grand Central.

"The overall message is everything is objectively 'better' [What! The entire society is being locked down!] than it was a year ago, particularly in the aviation environment. But we're also looking at addressing other areas," Napolitano said.

As extremists 'struggle to circumvent' tighter security [Really, where's the evidence? With the WMD, no doubt!] at airports and search for new avenues, she said US officials were looking to step up broader measures.

"What we have to do is say, well, what other ways are they thinking to commit an act, because our job is not only to react, but to be thinking always ahead, what could be happening," Napolitano said.

"And so we have enhanced measures going on at surface transportation, not because we have a specific or credible threat there, but because we know, looking at Madrid and London, that's been another source of targets for terrorists."

Suicide bombers killed 52 people aboard a bus and three London Underground trains in 2005.

And in Europe's worst terror attack, 191 people were killed and nearly 2000 injured in Madrid in March 2004 when 10 backpacks filled with nails and explosives went off on four trains during morning rush hour.

"It means, as we make the land borders harder to cross from a land border crossing standpoint, that we need to be looking out into our coasts and to the waters," said Napolitano.

Last Christmas, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, a young Nigerian who claims to have been trained by Al-Qaeda operatives in the Yemen, failed to detonate explosives concealed in his underwear on a packed transatlantic airliner as it came in to land in Detroit.

The US authorities responded by installing new screening machines and initiating draconian body searches at airports.

Napolitano said international travelers in the United States also face tight intelligence screening even before they reach the boarding gate.

© 2010 AFP

[This entire Corporate propaganda exercise can be trashed by simply referring to the tonnes of illicit drugs on the streets of every State, which enter the US illegally every day -- 'security,' my ass!

Trillions of dollars have been spent on the 'war on drugs' and the trade has only INCREASED! Anyone that imagines for a second that Corporatists are able to secure anything deserves to be treated as a dumb, corralled, beast.
The reason things appear 'safe' is due to the fact that no substantial threat exists. If so-called terrorists really decided to act then nothing could prevent an attack; again I remind readers of the monumental FAILURE of the war on drugs.

This further INTRUSION on civil liberties is really designed for Corporate profits, particularly the Weapons and associated 'Security' Industries, which have sky-rocked in the market!

The objectives of the Corporate elite are twofold, the total subjugation/subjection of society and to create a compliant consumerist herd of fear-ridden, easily manageable, sheeple.]

Pilot Exposes Airport Security (TSA/Scanners etc) as Sham
by staff report via stan - SMH (Oz) Tuesday, Dec 28 2010, 6:12pm

The airline pilot now in the spotlight after he posted a cell phone video on the Internet criticising airport security measures said yesterday that his critics are "naive" and ignoring a severe threat to the flying public.

In a press conference at the Sacramento International Airport, Chris Liu said he never posted the video to garner fame or notoriety for himself. Flanked by his family and his attorney, Don Werno, Liu said he instead hoped to prompt a national discussion.

"This was never about being famous for me. This was about aviation security," said Liu, a 50-year-old Colfax, California, resident. "It's a security issue at the airport, and I just wanted to address it."

Responding to critics who say his video could further expose the country to attack, Liu and Werno said the problem can't be addressed without first being brought to light.

"There is a major security problem, and we need to fix it before a number of airlines are brought down in terrorist attacks," Werno said.

Late last month, Liu, a pilot for American Airlines, posted a cell phone video on YouTube depicting what he perceives as a major security flaw involving ground crews and their easy access to the tarmac and parked planes.

The video footage was shot at the San Francisco International Airport; however, Liu said the problem exists at other airports as well.

Liu argues that ground crews are not screened by metal detectors or Transportation Security Administration personnel the way travellers or even airline employees are. Instead, they only have to swipe a card to access the tarmac.

Liu said he took the video off YouTube at the request of his employer, who Werno said had been contacted by angry TSA officials the day the video was posted.

Several days later, TSA officials arrived at Liu's house and confiscated the handgun that Liu carried while flying as part of the "federal flight deck officers" program. That program started after the 9-11 terrorist attacks and allows some pilots to carry firearms to help prevent hijacking attempts.

Liu said he resigned from the program after officials confiscated his handgun. He said a TSA investigator then told him TSA would not pursue further sanctions against him.

However, Werno said he is concerned that no such promise has been made in writing.

TSA previously has stood by their actions, saying that pilots in the federal flight deck officers program "must be able to maintain sensitive security information."

Officials with San Francisco International Airport also have responded to Liu's video, saying in a statement that the video "presents false and misleading information on SFO's security program."

© 2010 Fairfax Media

The Incomparable Oz Chasers

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