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The Assange Distraction, it’s Working!
by bluey Saturday, Dec 25 2010, 6:41am
international / mass media / commentary

Now that vociferous progressive feminists, Rachel Maddow included, are supporting the two Swedish women that have made “rape” allegations against Julian Assange, the principal issues of the WikiLeaks exposures have all but vanished from public view; would anyone care to guess what they are again – LOL? For those easily distracted by dykes, nerds and fame seekers of every hue, a gentle reminder; the main issues are ACCOUNTABILITY, STATE TERRORISM, and PURSUING WAR CRIMINALS in HIGH OFFICE etc.


I just can’t seem to get my mind off the MILLIONS of innocent civilians SLAUGHTERED by the USA over the past few decades and all the heinous LIES that have issued from Washington to hide the crimes from the public. Perhaps illegal military invasions with the prime objective of appropriating the resources of weaker nations, may be worthy of note; or how about kidnapping and TORTURE, are those barbaric practices -- now legalised in America – less worthy of attention than two Swedish women crying rape well after the event and after collaborating with each other over Assange’s sexual behaviour? Give me and everyone else that has a rational, focused, functioning brain, a fucking break!

The entire media circus surrounding Assange is serving to COMPLETELY distract the public from the major issues that WikiLeaks did so well in exposing – now let’s have A GO, shall we? CAN ANYONE WITHOUT JELLY FOR A BRAIN GIVE ME ONE VALID REASON WHY WE SHOULD NOT ARREST BUSH, CHENEY, BLAIR, HOWARD – for starters -- AND HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE for their crimes?

For Christ’s fuckin’ sake, morons – get with the MAIN ISSUE and allow Assange and his battery of Lawyers to deal with allegations of rape.

There are NO valid reasons why legal authorities cannot ACT on the information already in the public domain – the emphasis and focus should be on WHY the authorities have NOT acted in this regard!


Rachel Maddow
Rachel Maddow


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rape or disgruntled 'star fuckers'
by groupie Sunday, Dec 26 2010, 1:04am

Everyone, including my budgie, is focusing on the Assange rape allegations these days. Time will tell whether Assange's Swedish sojourn is a classic case of 'star fucker' sour grapes or whether his two accusers 'discovered' they were raped after discussing their sexual experiences with each other and with Swedish authorities.

I would never attempt to trivialise rape, however, the Oz media has recently reported stories of female school teachers receiving harsh penalties for sexually taking advantage of young teenage boys under their care -- and I don't believe in coincidences especially when the mass media is involved.

Notwithstanding the diversity of rape definitions from nation to nation, the Corporate mass media has clearly backgrounded the main issues WikiLeaks has exposed by fixating on Assange's unorthodox character and his sexual exploits.

Maybe the Rolling Stones should be subpoenaed and forced to explain and perform their hit song, 'Star Fucker' in a Swedish puppet Court!

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