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Assange, a Paris Hilton with a high IQ
by stylus Tuesday, Dec 21 2010, 8:47pm
international / mass media / commentary

You had us all going for a minute, Julian; the world was briefly mesmerised by the Assange media circus and the hope of justice and real reform. You played the disgruntled, hope-seeking, frustrated public like a violin. Many continue to be fascinated by the spin but a book deal so soon – and perhaps a Hollywood movie contract – defines you as just ANOTHER fame seeking, self-serving ‘it’s all about ME,’ personality – same ol’ crap, different wrapper, Paris, oops, I mean, Julian!

'Julian' Hilton
'Julian' Hilton

What have you really changed Julian? ‘Threatening’ – warning in other words, and softening any impact – a Wall St Bank before compromising it is the height of tactical folly; you know how the market works, if you have the ‘goods’ dump the entire stinking mess in the middle of Wall St for maximum effect, but you knew that didn’t you, Julian? Your manoeuvres and machinations remind me of US tactics more each day – same DETECTABLE formula at work; would you care to redeem yourself and really drop a bombshell and possibly make a REAL IMPACT or is performing for the media and seeking fame more important than making a real contribution to humanity, I ask you directly, Julian? Perhaps more time and energy supporting tortured Bradley Manning, but are troubled homosexuals not worth the effort regardless of the capital YOU gained.

Still no clarification on your absurd stance on 9/11, ‘Paris,’ or the “innocuous” Bilderberg gathering of ‘business people’ -- who are you, Julian? Remember what we say down here, shit floats, ol’son and if you don’t watch yourself you’ll be floating with it!

Consider the devastating impact of releasing compromising details on any major Bank suddenly and ANONYMOUSLY, the markets would go crazy! REAL hackers and digital warriors REMAIN anonymous, none of us would ever reveal our identities -- who are YOU, Julian?


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Julian Assange
by chela Wednesday, Dec 22 2010, 2:44pm

I have followed this man for a number of years now and until this last 2 weeks (December 2010)

I have had absolute faith in him and his actions regarding leaked government and corporate information.

I was disappointed that he or WikiLeaks did not take a more active role in assisting Private Bradley Manning but on reflection I could maybe understand the reasons.

JA is a very unusual man he is part of generation X. The generation who faced an uncertain, ill-defined (and perhaps hostile) future, but relating to his work that is immaterial. He has become the face of WikiLeaks and if he is the conduit for the truth out regarding deeply embedded corruption in our governments then bravo!

WikiLeaks and the continued release of cablegate documents is much bigger than one man now and in my humble opinion he should step down from his position as editor in chief. His resignation should then disassociate his personal troubles from the actual work of WikiLeaks. If his heart still wants the truth he will know that this is the best response he can make to prove to the doubters his intentions.

And doubters are many just now and I will put my hand up here I feel he has let his ego not his heart drive his actions.

There are many theories of JA being connected to the ptb could this be correct?

My inner-self tells me that ~they~ are using and controlling Julian Assange some how, ie is being manipulated by the elite.

Is a market crash around the corner? is cablegate and other secret documents an illusion to cover up the other disasters economic and planetary? Distraction is the tool, false flags of information to lead the sheeple away from the engineered downfall of twawki. Once again my humble opinion.

I am going with my heart and say that he has been used as a scapegoat.

We were given the same hero type messenger when Obama was running for US President - false hope.

We are fed this false hope but in the background ~they~ are creating chaos!

If Assange is really what he says a mainstream counter-journalist then he needs to be more careful than he has been ie; bedfellows, because now he's paying the price. They are hanging him out to dry. Broken condoms and all!

I think (and this is just my opinion) that he is probably genuine, but being used as a pawn.

This has been hard for me to write as I feel once again I have been controlled/manipulated just like Assange?

fair assessment
by Kismo Wednesday, Dec 22 2010, 6:45pm

indeed, chela, the only thing that saves one from oneself is other people, especially in times of crisis; that is why this organisation acts as a team at all times, each member taking their turn at 'captaining' proceedings. The originator of this site is only referred to for consulting purposes and advice if deadlocks occur.

Assange is clearly a highly intelligent person and one can't help but think that he is acutely aware of his actions and that there is more to him than meets the eye -- every thinking person knows the nano-thermite Truth of 9/11 these days -- assange's orthodox position on the issue gives many real cause for concern regarding his integrity and credibility.

in any event, every man carries the seeds of their own destruction, the trick is never to 'water' or allow them to germinate -- assange is tending a 'rainforest' at the moment. He has broken the cardinal (hackers) rule of Anonymity and is paying the price. The founder originator becomes intoxicated with their apparent success and thinks they know best, without balanced outside intervention they usually destroy themselves and everything good they created.

to be fair
by judd Thursday, Dec 23 2010, 6:31am

your site seemed to initially support him now its hammering him, so i will come to his defence with this vid:

Go get 'em, Julian

by Ed - Cleaves News Poetry Thursday, Dec 23 2010, 6:42am

this site attempts to be neutral at all times, though we are aware that real neutrality is a myth.

Assange is polarising opinion and that is reflected on this site -- your defence of him is welcome as are the posts questioning his integrity.

we will never know until this matter plays itself out.

at a glance
by marsh Thursday, Dec 23 2010, 7:20am

Analysts are taught that the truth/reality stares us all in the 'face' at all times. So let's 'read' the faces of Assange's female accusers:

One face, Ms A, (left) reveals a cold, calculating opportunist, a face that could easily hide treacherous intent, while the other face, Ms W, is clearly idealistic, naive, perhaps 'easily taken in' or unworldly. However, what is common to both faces is the tendency to what Freudians term 'anal personality!'

You tell me you can't see the obvious! If there is any truth to the claim that one of these women is acting in the interests of the CIA, which 'face' would you choose -- easy isn't it?


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