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The Failed Assange Op
by quill Monday, Dec 20 2010, 8:00pm
international / social equality/unity / news report

From the start the entire Assange/WikiLeaks media charade reeked of strong Corporatist, orchestrated involvement. Whether Assange was a willing or unwitting player in this very clear attempt to trounce the anarchic freedom of the internet, which is still a very real possibility due to the cyber war ‘Assange’ -- with more than a little help from the Corporate media – triggered, is largely irrelevant.

It seems the major objective of the ‘powers’ was to flush out UNKNOWN hackers and other mysterious entities of the digital underground. Fortunately, almost all elite members and crews adhered to the cardinal rule of ANONYMITY. Assange is a glaring example of the disaster that occurs when anonymous fighters go public. Let the Assange charade serve as a lesson to all future freedom fighters; our greatest strength is our INVISIBILITY, public notoriety is for defective and INADEQUATE personalities.

The greater satisfaction is had from beating ‘insurmountable’ odds; having the skill, intelligence and strategic superiority to defeat forces that appear to be thousands of times stronger.

The fight to RESTORE our lost Freedoms, Liberties and RIGHTS is reward enough in itself, though every crew and member is aware of the forces that are bringing down the mass murdering, evil powers.

The ‘man’ is going down, simply because he lacks the expertise, skills and SUPERIORITY to prevail. We overcome simply because we cannot be BOUGHT or INTIMIDATED. We persist and endure to the END and will NEVER relent until final victory is won and PEACE becomes a reality for the entire GLOBAL COMMUNITY -- never forget it is the minority cabals that instigate and benefit from WAR!

Have no doubts whatsoever, the outcome is known to those that can think and project into the future. REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY, LAW and JUSTICE will be re-established and the divisionist tactics of the evil powers will become a thing of the past. WE are ONE; BORDERLESS, nationless, FREE; we are UNSTOPPABLE – the many fight as ONE overwhelming force against the evil unrepresentative CRIMINAL MINORITIES.

The digital world is OURS, the new frontier belongs to us not the antiquated dinosaurs losing power even as I write – their days are numbered because they are simply out of step. We have subverted their most powerful weapons, the love of money and irrational FEAR.

As the light from a new dawn assuredly follows the darkest night, it is over for them and just beginning for us.

Salutations to all who participate in the struggle – draw upon your INSTINCT for JUSTICE and fair play and RESTORE your communities. Nothing on this earth is able to resist the indomitable human will to FREEDOM and HARMONY.

WE are ONE


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