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"What is absurd and monstrous about war is that men who have no personal quarrel should be trained to murder one another in cold blood" -- Aldous Huxley
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Assange’s ‘demon dancing’ serves to distract from Ongoing Corporate and American Crimes
by Kismo Saturday, Dec 18 2010, 8:29pm
international / mass media / opinion/analysis

View the Assange media circus anyway you wish but remember while he/the media steals your attention with sordid (idiotic actually) sex scandals and very tame leaks, the world’s leading civilian killing, terrorist nation continues on its invasive/occupying, mass murdering, criminal course in the background – tick one up for the Corporate media and cabals that so adeptly manage the moronic masses.

Assange, 'dead' man walking!
Assange, 'dead' man walking!

Julian Assange may well prove to be a victim of his own social engineering or he may be, as many now believe, part of an elaborate counter intelligence program to finally gain control over the internet. We could care less as we roam the digital world at will; the limited sheeple, however, are not worth a pinch of shit and rightly deserve their fate as cowardly slaves to the ruling elites. The masses have proven time and again they are spineless herd animals, simply an expendable resource to be used and slaughtered. The masses, as Goebbels rightly assessed, possess the acumen and collective IQ of ‘chipmunks’ – I can’t recall the rodents to which the Nazi Propaganda Minister referred – but the point is not lost, is it, morons?

Julian Assange is now trapped in his own game; like the tale of the magic dancing shoes, he will dance himself to ‘death’ unless he is able to shift the focus away from himself and onto the MAJOR financial and corporate criminals that control the USA – not a difficult task at this stage but one that requires real courage and fortitude.

However, from known behaviours we think it highly unlikely Assange will release anything of REAL SUBSTANCE, the disclosures released to date clearly weigh in favour of the US agenda. The latest little revelation that India tortured captives in the war torn region of Kashmir serves American interests; notwithstanding that nothing India has done compares remotely to the torture record of the USA from Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantanamo Bay and continues with Bradley Manning, in prolonged solitary, to the unfortunate victims in secret CIA jails around the globe. [The masses ARE AWARE of the REAL CRIMINALS but remain in fear ridden, paralysed DENIAL.]

Now think for a minute, I know it’s a ‘big ask’ but try; the USA is presently attempting to manoeuvre India into a position of geopolitical advantage, how timely is the revelation that India “tortures” and who benefits from that release? Leaks or revelations that weigh in favour of any nation or person must be viewed with the utmost suspicion, as my mentor in cultural analysis taught me; there are no coincidences in analysis!

But to return to Assange, who claims to be in possession of a digital ‘thermonuclear device,’ which would be released if he is harmed in any way. Based on material released to date we anticipate a nuclear 'fizzer' with the radiation level of an old wristwatch -- not even the ludicrous claim of 'men from Mars,' to which Assange has made reference, would disturb the status quo. Notwithstanding that UFOs and aliens have been a mainstay of CIA obfuscation for decades. The Assange 'bomb' appears to be more a tactical bluff than anything else.

Assange is now a marked man and will undoubtedly ‘go down,’ no individual has a chance against State crime and corruption, the State makes and bends laws to suite itself. A recent minor example is the former PM of Oz, Paul ‘fingers’ Keating, beating a traffic infringement for running a red light; the magistrate ruled in Keating’s favour despite evidence to the contrary from TWO POLICE EYEWITNESSES, give Oz a break! One can imagine what will become of Assange. The powers, if indeed he is an independent vigilante, will do whatever it takes to destroy him – in their eyes Assange would set a very bad precedent if he succeeded in his anarchic plan. So the future for Assange is grim and predictable – he should also be aware that as a willing or unwilling agent, he is EXPENDABLE (of necessity!)

The best strategic move for Assange at this stage is to release a MAJOR ‘bomb’ to upset the balance and give himself time to prepare for his inevitable martyrdom.

You lose, Julian, no matter which way you look at it. And as for the sheeple, that imagine I am selling out, I refer you to the famous words of former NSW Parliamentarian, Michael Costa, "you can all get fucked!" [God, I love this place!] Which reminds me, you can shove your English Manor Houses and Martinis up your snob arse, Julian!

[A final word to all the crewz; leave the '15 minutes of fame' to the Warhols, Paris Hiltons and narcissists of this world. Learn well the price of breaking our code of anonymity, Assange is now a 'dead' man walking.]

Objective take on WikiLeaks' Leaks


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by skink Saturday, Dec 18 2010, 10:56pm

u forgot to mention that Assange could be acting as a lure to flush out hackers and members of the digital underground unknown to the man -- LMFAO

O what tangled webs fuckwits weave for themselves -- easily turned to OUR advantage

anyone who breaks anon deserves what they get

doesn't add up
by griff - 'Z-org' Sunday, Dec 19 2010, 7:31am

hackers view Assange's 'hacker' credentials as equivalent to a cornflakes packet drivers license ... the man is definitely not what he appears to be

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