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Kevin Rudd: a widely known inept Minister and Pathological Personality
by bluey Tuesday, Dec 7 2010, 7:39pm
international / social/political / commentary

It is not often this site has a kind word for anything American, however, wonders never cease; even the Americans have the measure of our sick little narcissist, Kevin Rudd. WikiLeaks’ latest release revealed that the former US Ambassador to Oz had Kevin Rudd ‘pegged to a tee’ -- ‘assessed accurately,’ for non-Aussie readers!

US Ambassador, Robert McCallum, accurately described Rudd as a “control freak who is not up to the job of foreign policy,” how true! Rudd is also described as “a micro-manager obsessed with the media rather than engaging in collaborative decision making,'' who could dispute that?

Whether my assessments of (moron) Americans is a little harsh or Rudd’s pathologies are more pronounced than I initially assessed, I do not know, but EVERYONE seems acutely aware of Rudd’s incompetence and deeply flawed personality.

Rudd’s response to the cable leaks is in character; in a self-obsessed and insular manner he stated to Fairfax media that he didn’t “give a damn” about these assessments and that the comments were “water off a duck’s back.” Rudd seems oblivious to the fact that today he is a very WET and LAME DUCK!

Rudd only survives by contrast/comparison; his incompetence is muted in a Party which is largely dysfunctional, both State and Federal Labor are now characterised by their gross incompetence. Prime Minister Julia Gillard is perhaps the most indecisive and confused leader Oz has yet had to suffer. Fortunately her tenure in office will be short lived, as the people have had enough of Rudd, Gillard and their incompetent Labor Party colleagues.

A strong leader would have stood him down long ago; he was a known quantity long before the Americans ACCURATELY assessed him.

Media mogul, Rupert Murdoch and his Corporatist mates should think twice before installing another pathological personality as their next lackey PM, but really, what choice do they have, Gillard or Abbott, LOL?

The price we pay for Corporate rule is now far too high to bear -- RESTORE REPRESENTATIVE, DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT and install REAL INDEPENDENTS to OFFICE. Ditch the two party Corporate controlled system once and for ALL – regardless of all the (corporate controlled) media hype at election time.


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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange poised to be Labor's David Hicks
by Cameron Stewart via reed - The Australian Tuesday, Dec 7 2010, 7:56pm

AUSTRALIA faces potentially the greatest political fallout of any non-American nation from the WikiLeaks controversy.

Not only must the Gillard government contend with the embarrassing contents of the leaked cables, which have already diminished the standing of Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd, but it also faces an acute political dilemma if WikiLeaks' Australian founder Julian Assange is eventually extradited to the US.

Mr Assange's Australian passport means that Canberra cannot be divorced from his long-term fate, both legally and politically.

The federal government is already in the unusual position of having to provide full diplomatic assistance to the arrested Mr Assange at the same time as it has slammed his actions in releasing thousands of classified documents on his website.

Imagine how much more difficult this will become if - as many suspect - Mr Assange ends up in the US facing espionage-related charges.

Lawyers for Mr Assange fear that this is the ultimate motive behind his arrest on a Swedish extradition warrant in relation to alleged sex offences.

If he is extradited to Sweden, they believe that the Americans will request his extradition to the US.

Yet Washington is struggling to identify precisely what case it could bring against Mr Assange.

US Attorney-General Eric Holder is examining whether Mr Assange could be charged with a crime under the 1917 Espionage Act which prohibits the transmission of defence-related documents.

But this 1917 act was never designed for a case such as this and there has been no espionage-related prosecution in US history that remotely resembles the WikiLeaks case.

The absence of a clear-cut legal case against Mr Assange means that any attempt to prosecute him will reek of a political agenda.

This will further elevate his status as a cult hero and a symbol for free speech, and will place political pressure on Australia to ensure that his rights are not trampled.

In many ways, Mr Assange's case could have parallels to that of convicted terrorist David Hicks, who won sympathy in Australia because of the perception that he had been unfairly treated by the Bush administration.

Mr Assange has hardly trained with al-Qa'ida and one would expect that he would have widespread popular support in Australia if he is seen to be the victim of US politics.

Suddenly the Gillard government would have a cult hero on its hands and a political headache.

Australia would be faced with the choice of robustly defending one of its own citizens and therefore undermining its relations with Washington, or effectively abandoning Mr Assange to his fate and taking a hit in the opinion polls.

It is a bleak choice and one which may prove to be far more difficult and damaging for Australia than the contents of the cables themselves.

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