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Arrested by appointment -- from Oz with Love
by dasha Tuesday, Dec 7 2010, 10:48am
international / mass media / commentary

WikiLeaks spokesperson and Oz citizen Julian Assange, handed himself over to British authorities yesterday, to face trumped-up charges of ‘rape’ brought by the Swedish government at the behest of the USA – why is the Corporate mass media so afraid of stating these plain facts?

Answer: simply because it is the Corporate and Banking ruling elites that control the governments of the USA, Sweden, Australia and a host of other western nations -- publishing the Truth for them is equivalent to committing suicide!

Corporatists pride themselves on managing/manipulating/misleading the public with fabricated ‘realities;’ anyone that threatens the fragile world of dreams and lies Corporatists create is immediately targeted for ‘neutralisation’ and/or assassination either literally or by reputation.

Consider the fact that a Swiss Bank has frozen WikiLeaks’ account and that PayPal has ceased processing online donations and is withholding funds from the organisation; why should private interests wage a war on Assange if it is not in their interest to do so? Neither of these financial entities was obliged by law to attack Mr. Assange.

Also, be aware that the Oz government was ready to abandon, Julian Assange to foreigners until a public outcry forced Julia Gillard to acknowledge and respect citizens' rights. We should all marvel at the scripted chorus our respective governments and puppet politicians sing when questioned on Julian Assange and ask ourselves who exactly orchestrates these responses?

Puppet governments around the world have been marshalled and ordered to shutdown WikiLeaks’ websites/servers and make life for Assange as difficult as possible. The media circus surrounding this ONE man is extraordinary, the ‘shrill’ or hysteria on the part of those forces attempting to silence Assange indicates desperation and panic.

NOW consider the fact that it is ONE MAN that has turned the most powerful nation in the world on its ear. Corporatists are in a frenzy exploring every avenue in their search for a means to silence WikiLeaks/Assange for good. I do not recall in recent history another individual wielding so much power/influence.

Perhaps we should recall the ‘New World (slave) Order’ that Corporatists would have us sub-scribe to and make a comparison with the world of open disclosure and real democracy that Assange prefers.

If we value our rights and hard won Liberties then Assange deserves our respect and support in his battle against the nefarious, mass murdering forces that would enslave us all.

Assange is quoted as saying that ‘truth always wins’ (in the end) – well, if the effect Assange is having on the world is any indication of the power of truth, then perhaps there is hope for the world yet. Give ‘em hell, Julian, you are NOT alone!



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WikiLeaks cables: US 'lobbied Russia on behalf of Visa and MasterCard'
by Luke Harding via stan - The Guardian IK Wednesday, Dec 8 2010, 8:19am

The US lobbied Russia this year on behalf of Visa and MasterCard in an attempt to ensure the payment companies were not "adversely affected" by new legislation, according to American diplomats in Moscow.

A state department cable released this afternoon by WikiLeaks reveals that US diplomats intervened to try to amend a draft law going through Russia's Duma. Their explicit aim was to ensure the new law did not "disadvantage" the two US firms, the cable states.

The revelation comes a day after Visa – apparently acting under intense pressure from Washington – announced it was suspending all payments to WikiLeaks, the whistle-blowing website. Visa was following MasterCard, PayPal and Amazon, all of which have severed ties with the site and its founder Julian Assange in the last few days.

The companies have justified their decision to stop donations on the grounds that WikiLeaks is acting "illegally". Each has quickly become the target of sustained online revenge attacks by disgruntled hackers, with paralysed today.

The cable, dated 1 February 2010, states that the Obama administration took up the companies' plight with senior Russian government officials. Earlier this year Moscow unveiled plans to create a new National Payment Card System (NPCS) that would collect all credit card fees on domestic transactions – depriving Visa and MasterCard of a major chunk of revenue.

A consortium of state-owned Russian banks would administer the system and collect processing fees "estimated at $4 billion a year", the cable claims. Additionally, sending payment data abroad would be forbidden under the law going through Russia's rubberstamp lower house of parliament – another potential blow to the US credit card companies.

In the cable Matthias Mitman, a US diplomat specialising in economic affairs, and based at the Moscow embassy, urged Obama's presidential commission on Russia to take up the issue. Obama agreed to found a new bilateral commission with the Russian president, Dmitry Medvedev, as part of the reset in US-Russian relations.

Mitman comments: "This draft law continues to disadvantage US payment card market leaders Visa and MasterCard, whether they join the National Payment Card System (NPCS) or not. If they join, the NPCS operator will collect the fees, leaving them to collect processing fees only when card-holders travel abroad – a tiny section of the market.

"If they do not join but choose to compete with NPCS cards, they will have to set up payment processing centers in Russia, a very large investment in itself, and compete against a system likely backed by the largest Russian state banks."

The answer, Mitman suggests, is for the Obama administration to actively bat for Visa and MasterCard. "While the draft legislation has yet to be submitted to the Duma and can still be amended, post will continue to raise our concerns with senior GOR officials.

"We recommend that senior USG officials also take advantage of meetings with their Russian counterparts, including through the Bilateral Presidential Commission, to press the GOR to change the draft text to ensure US payment companies are not adversely affected."

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