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WikiLeaks: NOT about Assange
by stylus Thursday, Dec 2 2010, 6:20pm
international / mass media / commentary

The new, in-plain-sight, western criminal powers, have once again demonstrated their psycho-marketing, mass media and advertising skills by shifting focus from themselves to Julian Assange, the front-man for WikiLeaks – remember, it’s the message/CONTENT that’s IMPORTANT not the messenger! The WikiLeaks discourse and focus has shifted from exposing, apprehending and holding known criminals in high office to account, to Julian Assange himself, the founder of the whistleblowing website.

To shift FOCUS from the culpable and guilty and concentrate on Assange is a trick similar to that mothers and fathers use to distract unruly children. However, when the same simple trick is played on the masses by the media we seem to fall for it – or do we? The powers regard the masses as more fickle than children and less intelligent than herded sheep, that fact is made plain by the methods they employ to deceive us.

Almost all the (privately owned) global mass media is concentrating on Assange rather than apprehending the lying criminals responsible for so many civilian deaths and the GLOBAL mayhem and chaos we are experiencing today. However, these tricks are no longer invisible, far too many experts, textual analysts and semioticians are ‘all over the game’ and continue to expose the tricks the powers utilise to deceive, obfuscate and distract the masses.

The cure, from a ‘psychological operation’ (psyop) perspective, is really very simple, all we need do is ask ourselves what is really more IMPORTANT, GLOBAL PEACE -- HOLDING KNOWN CRIMINALS TO ACCOUNT -- or shooting the messenger?

Needless to say, the REAL CRIMINALS quake in fear at the thought and prospect that one day soon the masses will become immune to their facile tricks.

Have a nice, informed, objective day and remember, the messenger is NOT the MESSAGE.


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