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WikiLeaks: The Death by a Thousand Leaks
by ferrite Wednesday, Dec 1 2010, 7:16pm
international / mass media / commentary


do you know the story of the ‘mosquito’ that drove the ‘Elephant’ into such a state of distraction it ran off a cliff and killed itself? Well, neither do I but it could be unfolding before our very eyes.


I gotta hand it to you, Julian, the slow-motion release of compromising data is worthy of the best most diabolical strategists in history – perfect for the times and the situation.

as stated many times by many contributors to this site, the ‘Elephant’ is going down simply because it is being outsmarted and outmanoeuvred at every turn by an army of extremely skilful men and women of conscience.

the terrorist nation of America is beginning to realise that it can’t buy and intimidate everyone. We are legion, we are anonymous -- Julian Assange is the face behind which countless digital warriors for Peace and Truth fight the evil that has hijacked our Democracies.

greetz to all the krewz – be inspired and fight until final V I C T O R Y is ours!

we are many, we are ONE -- We are unstoppable!

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