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WikiLeaks/Assange: US instigated Interpol attack
by cleaves Wednesday, Dec 1 2010, 2:40am
international / social/political / other press

For those not fully conversant with American ‘foreign policy’ strategies they reduce to intimidation and/or bribery, either embargos, economic sanctions, or massive loans ‘aid’ (America prints money from thin air, remember) that enslave poorer nations; but the most popular tactics employed today are illegal military invasions, plunder and the mass murder of unfortunate civilians. You will note that the tactics America employs today are akin to those utilised by Nazi Germany, including ACCUSING the VICTIM!

Julian Assange
Julian Assange

When a juggernaut encounters a tiny force with a very annoying ‘bite’ in the form of one Julian Assange, who risks everything to inform the public of the TRUTH of the Iraq and Afghan wars and expose the criminal LIES that constantly flow from Washington, London and Western Europe, tactics change but not the methods.

After considerable pressure (and bribery -- never doubt it) from the US, Sweden has relented and moved to pursue absurd allegations/accusations of rape against Mr Assange – INTERPOL has recently issued a 'Red Notice' (a request to arrest by member countries) following Sweden issuing an arrest warrant -- it seems that Julian Assange is a very pesky and determined Aussie!

I would like to announce, from the digital rooftops of the world, that Mr Assange has earned and DESERVES the respect and support of every person of conscience on the planet for the services he renders to humanity – COUNTLESS FUTURE LIVES have been SAVED as a DIRECT RESULT of Mr. Assange’s whistleblowing website, WikiLeaks. America and its servile allies, have been EXPOSED as the CRIMINAL, LYING nations they REALLY are.

The tactic, effectively utilised by the Nazis against the Jews, which America employs today in its efforts to attack Mr Assange is, “ACCUSE the VICTIM!” It is a very tired and stale tactic and I hope the world has evolved and is informed enough today to see through the tissue thin and FEEBLE strategies the USA employs to attack Mr. Assange.

Another message screams at us from the subtext, an OPPORTUNITY NOW PRESENTS ITSELF FOR THE WORLD TO UNITE BEHIND Mr Assange’s valour, honesty and integrity – characteristics the USA has long since abandoned -- and DEMAND that the culpable (lying warmongers and others) be held accountable for their many crimes. We are all able to fight for PEACE and TRUTH -- if by no other means, then digitally.

The REAL criminals are in the White House, Pentagon and Wall St., that is FACT, which is easily verifiable from the information freely available in the public domain.

All men and women of conscience should rally behind a noble cause whenever it presents itself and one such noble cause now presents itself in the form of Julian Assange and his tireless and dangerous work to keep the public informed of the TRUTH.

If you face overwhelming restrictions then the very least you can do is to link and disseminate this message/article to everyone you know.

Effecting REAL change is not as difficult as you might imagine – DEMAND REAL REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT, REGULATE BANKING and (POLLUTING) RAPACIOUS, CORPORATIONS; DEMAND that ALL needless wars of acquisition and plunder cease immediately and hold all known criminals to account, regardless of whatever position they may hold in society.


These are the types (sociopaths) that advise our politicians

(Available below)

video Deleted Video available to view or download -- fuck you, Youtube/Google


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the state we're in
by jude Wednesday, Dec 1 2010, 7:39am

compare these facts, then look up the words 'integrity' and 'credibility' in any dictionary.

Interpol has just placed Julian Assange on the 'most wanted' list -- Assange is 'guilty' of exposing American LIES regarding illegal wars of invasion, appropriation and civilian killing.

Now comes some facts which makes the Hague puppet Courts look good.

INTERPOL has a known murderer, arms dealer, drug runner, white slaver and human organ trader on its files, but that person is a US and NATO lackey placed in power to serve their interests!

Now it appears that Interpol has selective sight regarding its own files, while this known and proven murderer and criminal continues to oversee, with his Albanian mafia brother-in-law, the massive flow of Heroin from Central Asia to Western Europe; the trail begins in Muslim Afghanistan and Pakistan and continues down the 'koran corridor' through Turkey, Macedonia Kosovo then Albania to Muslim mafia contacts in Western Europe -- the deal was that the heroin is never distributed in the USA, only Asia, Russia and Europe, isn't that right Mr Richard Holbrooke and Madeleine Albright?

The informed among you would now be able to determine that I refer to the Prime Minister of the illegally excised Serbian Province of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci! Yes indeed, this known by Interpol heinous criminal is allowed to remain free and serve his American and NATO masters while Julian Assange, who serves the interests of the people and truth, is now pursued by Interpol.

This latest turn of events is enough to make you lose faith in the integrity of regulatory and legal agencies in Europe, notwithstanding faith in the criminal USA was lost decades past -- Europe, however, should know and indeed act better!

So before we condemn a man who exposes state terrorism, illegal wars and mass murder, we should ask why Thaci is allowed to remain free and conduct his sordid enterprises with impunity.

Perhaps it is now time for WikiLeaks to release information on the Balkans.

Kosovo to become NATO member within four years — acting PM

Kosovo, which unilaterally proclaimed its independence from Serbia in 2008, may get NATO membership within four years, Kosovo's acting premier said.

The Kosovo government, led by Hashim Thaci, had to resign after the parliament voted in favor of a no-confidence motion introduced by the opposition. However, Thaci hopes to regain the post as a result of the early parliamentary elections slated for December 12.

"I hope that during the first 15 month of my second term [as prime minister] we would get a visa-free regime with the European Union. And, during my term, Kosovo will become a NATO member," he said in an interview with Austria's national daily, Der Standard.

He also expressed readiness to resume dialog with Belgrade to discuss efforts to locate persons who went missing during the 1998-1999 conflict with Serbia. Pristina is also willing to discuss issues of infrastructure, transport, energy, communications and fight against organized crime.

Thaci also said in the interview that Serbia and Kosovo would recognize each other's independence and get the European Union membership "as two sovereign states" as a result of the talks.

The timeframe and agenda for the dialog between Belgrade and Pristina is yet to be set, but the talks are widely expected to begin after the December 12 elections.

The UN International Court of Justice ruled on July 22 that Kosovo's declaration of independence from Serbia did not violate general international law. But Resolution 1244 on Serbia's territorial integrity remains in force.

A total of 69 out of 192 UN member states have recognized Kosovo, which unilaterally proclaimed independence in February 2008. Serbia, Russia, China, India and some other countries have not recognized it, saying international law was violated.

Kosovo's independence from Serbia is formally recognized by 22 out of 27 EU member states. Despite calls from the European Parliament to do so, Kosovo has not been recognized as a sovereign state by Greece, Cyprus, Slovakia, Romania and Spain.

SARAJEVO, November 30 (RIA Novosti)

Copyright applies to inserted text.

Huckabee calls for leaker to be executed
by David Edwards via gan - Raw Story Wednesday, Dec 1 2010, 8:01am

The person that gave WikiLeaks 250,000 secret diplomatic cables deserves to die, says one Fox News host who is widely thought to be planning a 2012 presidential run.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee was caught on video at a book signing at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum in Simi Valley, Calif. saying that the leaker should be executed.

"Whoever in our government leaked that information is guilty of treason," Huckabee said. "I think anything less than execution is too kind a penalty."

"They've put American lives at risk," he said. "They’ve put relationships that will take decades to rebuild at risk, and they knew full well that they were handling sensitive documents, they were entrusted and anyone who had access to that level of information was not only a person who understood what their rules were, but they also signed under oath a commitment that they would not violate it. They did."

"And I believe they have committed treason against this country, and any lives they endanger, they’re personally responsible for and the blood is on their hands," he added.

Huckabee is the second Fox News host to wish death on the leaker. On Monday, Bill O'Reilly also yearned for capital punishment.

"Whoever leaked all those State Department documents to the WikiLeaks website is a traitor and should be executed or put in prison for life," he said.

"The guy who runs the website is a sleazeball named Julian Assange, who is bent on damaging America. Since he's not a U.S. citizen, it's hard for American authorities to move against him," O'Reilly continued. "But we can prosecute those who leak the documents to Assange."

But some also want to see Assange face execution. Townhall's John Hawkins wrote a Tuesday morning column entitled "5 Reasons The CIA Should Have Already Killed Julian Assange."

Fox News contributor Sarah Palin took to her Facebook page to suggest that Assange deserved the same treatment as terrorists and insurgents.

"Why was he not pursued with the same urgency we pursue al Qaeda and Taliban leaders?" she asked.

If the fallout from the latest leaks is anything like that of previously released documents then the US may not have too much to worry about.

In October, Defense Secretary Robert Gates told Sen. Carl Levin, the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, that a preliminary review "has not revealed any sensitive intelligence sources and methods compromised" by the 77,000 Afghanistan war documents released by WikiLeaks.

During a Tuesday press conference, Gates downplayed the impact of the latest leaks.

"The fact is governments deal with the United States because it's in their interest, not because they like us, not because they trust us and not because they think we can keep secrets," Gates said.

Copyright applies.

Report details KLA organ snatching ring in Albania
by judd Wednesday, Dec 15 2010, 7:21pm

The EU report vindicates Carla Del Ponte's assertions that heinous KLA crimes were committed against Serbs.

The latest 'findings' severely tarnish the reputation of INTERPOL, an International policing organisation that did not hesitate to pursue Julian Assange of WikiLeaks on fabricated charges while ignoring, for DECADES, their own file on one of Europe's most reprehensible criminals, Hashim Thaci, US/NATO installed Prime Minister of the illegally excised Serbian province of Kosovo.

The connection to the OVERTLY CRIMINAL US Administration in both cases is clearly no coincidence.

Reuters report follows:

Report details KLA organ snatching ring in Albania
by Benet Koleka

(Reuters) - A Council of Europe draft report gives gruesome details alleging Kosovo Albanian guerrillas loyal to now-Prime Minister Hashim Thaci harvested the organs of some captives, mainly Serbs, they killed a decade ago.

The report by Swiss senator Dick Marty, a rapporteur of the Council of Europe, is expected to be adopted by the Committee on Legal Affairs of the Council's Parliamentary Assembly and it urges Kosovo's EU-run judiciary in Kosovo to probe the charges.

Kosovo Albanians believe such information about events from the late 1990s war years was fabricated by Serbia to smear their KLA liberators. Belgrade lost control of the province, now independent, after NATO's air attack in 1999.

Marty says in the report that almost 500 people disappeared in Kosovo after NATO troops arrived. About 100 were Albanians and close to 400 non-Albanians, most of them Serbs.

Citing evidence from witnesses, the draft report says the KLA network maintained bases to keep scores of captives, select them for the suitability of organ harvesting and later killed some of them to extract organs from mid-1999 to mid-2000.

"In the months directly after the declared end of the Kosovo conflict in June 1999, members and affiliates of the KLA purportedly delivered scores of persons they had abducted into secret detention on Albanian territory," Marty's report said.


Evidence suggested, Marty added, that the organizers used

safe locations in Kukes on the Kosovo border, Rripe in the Mat region further south, and at Fushe-Kruje near the international airport. The location in Fushe-Kruje was specially built.

"It constituted a state-of-the-art reception center for the organized crime of organ trafficking. It was styled as a makeshift operating clinic, and it was the site at which some of the captives held by KLA members and affiliates had their kidneys removed against their will," Marty's report said.

Age, sex, state of health and ethnicity, with mostly Serbs targeted, determined the selection.

"Some of these captives are said to have pleaded with their captors to be spared the fate of being 'chopped into pieces,'" Marty said, citing source testimonies his team had obtained.

"The testimonies on which we based our findings spoke credibly and consistently of a methodology by which all of the captives were killed, usually by a gunshot to the head, before being operated on to remove one or more of their organs."

Then they shipped them to overseas clinics, part of an international black market in organ-trafficking for transplants.

Albania has denied it knew or condoned such activity and has considered the matter closed, saying the claims proved untrue. Serbia's war crimes prosecutor, who has not been allowed to investigate in Albania, has started his own investigation.

Serbia could have an eyewitness, sources said.

Claims the KLA had engaged in organ trafficking emerged in April 2008 in the memoirs of the ex-chief war crimes prosecutor at The Hague, Carla Del Ponte, who said she had been prevented from properly investigating alleged atrocities by the KLA.

Xhavit Haliti, a senior official of Thaci's PDK party mentioned in the report as one KLA commander active in Albania, said he believed Marty's report was politically motivated, but welcomed an investigation to shed light on the matter.

"Smuggling organs is a very serious accusation, which I think should be verified. I believe it is impossible to imagine that the KLA had a mechanism (for involvement in) it. It is impossible. Professionally it was impossible," Xhaviti said.

(Additional reporting by Fatos Bytyci in Pristina; Editing by Adam Tanner and Mark Heinrich)
© 2010 Thomson Reuters

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