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WikiLeaks/Assange: US instigated Interpol attack
by cleaves Wednesday, Dec 1 2010, 2:40am
international / social/political / other press

For those not fully conversant with American ‘foreign policy’ strategies they reduce to intimidation and/or bribery, either embargos, economic sanctions, or massive loans ‘aid’ (America prints money from thin air, remember) that enslave poorer nations; but the most popular tactics employed today are illegal military invasions, plunder and the mass murder of unfortunate civilians. You will note that the tactics America employs today are akin to those utilised by Nazi Germany, including ACCUSING the VICTIM!

Julian Assange
Julian Assange

When a juggernaut encounters a tiny force with a very annoying ‘bite’ in the form of one Julian Assange, who risks everything to inform the public of the TRUTH of the Iraq and Afghan wars and expose the criminal LIES that constantly flow from Washington, London and Western Europe, tactics change but not the methods.

After considerable pressure (and bribery -- never doubt it) from the US, Sweden has relented and moved to pursue absurd allegations/accusations of rape against Mr Assange – INTERPOL has recently issued a 'Red Notice' (a request to arrest by member countries) following Sweden issuing an arrest warrant -- it seems that Julian Assange is a very pesky and determined Aussie!

I would like to announce, from the digital rooftops of the world, that Mr Assange has earned and DESERVES the respect and support of every person of conscience on the planet for the services he renders to humanity – COUNTLESS FUTURE LIVES have been SAVED as a DIRECT RESULT of Mr. Assange’s whistleblowing website, WikiLeaks. America and its servile allies, have been EXPOSED as the CRIMINAL, LYING nations they REALLY are.

The tactic, effectively utilised by the Nazis against the Jews, which America employs today in its efforts to attack Mr Assange is, “ACCUSE the VICTIM!” It is a very tired and stale tactic and I hope the world has evolved and is informed enough today to see through the tissue thin and FEEBLE strategies the USA employs to attack Mr. Assange.

Another message screams at us from the subtext, an OPPORTUNITY NOW PRESENTS ITSELF FOR THE WORLD TO UNITE BEHIND Mr Assange’s valour, honesty and integrity – characteristics the USA has long since abandoned -- and DEMAND that the culpable (lying warmongers and others) be held accountable for their many crimes. We are all able to fight for PEACE and TRUTH -- if by no other means, then digitally.

The REAL criminals are in the White House, Pentagon and Wall St., that is FACT, which is easily verifiable from the information freely available in the public domain.

All men and women of conscience should rally behind a noble cause whenever it presents itself and one such noble cause now presents itself in the form of Julian Assange and his tireless and dangerous work to keep the public informed of the TRUTH.

If you face overwhelming restrictions then the very least you can do is to link and disseminate this message/article to everyone you know.

Effecting REAL change is not as difficult as you might imagine – DEMAND REAL REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT, REGULATE BANKING and (POLLUTING) RAPACIOUS, CORPORATIONS; DEMAND that ALL needless wars of acquisition and plunder cease immediately and hold all known criminals to account, regardless of whatever position they may hold in society.


These are the types (sociopaths) that advise our politicians

(Available below)

video Deleted Video available to view or download -- fuck you, Youtube/Google


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