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WikiLeaks Revelations: Washington’s Feeble Defence
by Kismo Monday, Nov 29 2010, 7:35am
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In a nutshell, the best ‘defence’ Corporate controlled Washington and the Pentagon are able to offer, after WikiLeaks’ latest diplomatic file release, is ‘everybody knew or it's old news’ – well, of course it is, but the point is WikiLeaks has furnished the world with much needed INCONTESTABLE PROOF or EVIDENCE that prosecutors and Courts demand, and that my quivering elites is the crux of the matter. If this latest feeble attempt at distraction is the best you can do, your demise is CERTAIN!

Furthermore, (you demented dummies) it is the people not governments Assange primarily addresses, and what effect do you suppose all these revelations is having on the credibility of world leaders and seats of government? Why should anyone slave for a pittance when the corrupt, criminal executive class rewards itself with millions of dollars in remuneration and bonuses?

Thanks to WikiLeaks/Assange it is now CLEAR that our ‘leaders’ are CRIMINALS of the worst kind and our thoroughly corrupt governments are in the pocket of Corporatists!

Try and do better next time, doodles; the only people you are fooling are yourselves – and remember, there’s a light pole with YOUR name on it.

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