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WikiLeaks Diplomatic Disclosures -- Open Article to the Ruling Elite
by nano-thermite Sunday, Nov 28 2010, 9:28pm
international / mass media / commentary

(Dedicated to all our fallen comrades – Lest we Forget)

To all Corporatists, and parasitic elite cabals, it is OVER, you are already DEAD, you just haven’t hit the ground yet. The smartest among you have already made arrangements to disappear but I’m afraid it's far too late; in any case you really have nowhere to go and no real choice in the matter, do you?

I can assure every last criminal one of you that the latest round of disclosures from WikiLeaks is just the beginning of the end of the criminal Corporate cabals that have hijacked American/western democracies around the globe – YOUR time has come to an END and that time is NOW!

Before proceeding I would draw your attention to the Australian component, which has featured so prominently in your demise – we do not forget!

Oz is very familiar with sordid and inept American tactics; from the proposed testing of Sarin and Vx (deadly) nerve gases on our innocent troops back in the 60’s to the ousting of elected PM, Gough Whitlam by CIA stooge, John Kerr, we have your measure.

The world may reel in horror and amazement at the double-dealing, backstabbing and flagrant criminality that the latest round of WikiLeaks State Department disclosures reveal, but we know too well the nature of the vile beast we fight.

We do not forget your treachery and neither do our veterans forget that you failed to inform us of the pending attack at Long Tan – you hoped for a massacre of Aussie troops to ensure our increased involvement in the illegal Vietnam war, but we have our own skills. Our Sigs followed every twist and we overcame the odds and prevailed at Long Tan, as we almost always do against overwhelming force, indeed, as we do again today/NOW in the REAL WAR against the evil cabals and criminal, civilian killing, TERRORIST NATIONS that plague the world, particularly the USA.

With greater strategic skills and higher intelligence -- the two decisive factors in any war/conflict – we have charted and led you (by the nose) to your ruin. Your primitive brutish thuggery carries with it a major liability – density -- you are just too thick to know what is really happening around you. You have no idea to whom you speak -- we had only minimal difficulty gaining your highest security clearances -- and as you are now aware, you gifted us the rest by outsourcing almost everything into our laps, you mindless morons – how sweet the taste of Victory.

Think twice before you would discard innocent lives, create economic havoc and military destruction, the day approaches when full disclosure will see you ALL hanging from the nearest light poles – board up your ‘boardrooms,’ your towers are not high enough to protect you from the wrath of the people you have abused and treated with the utmost contempt.

WikiLeaks is just one minor part of a portion you able to see above ground. The main body is underground and amorphous, we are unstoppable, we are anonymous …

We are ONE


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