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US State Dept Threatens WikiLeaks/Assange
by bluey Saturday, Nov 27 2010, 11:53pm
international / mass media / commentary

I need not spend too much time on the absurdity of the US State Department’s threatening letter (pdf below) to Julian Assange of WikiLeaks, as it is simply another foray down Alice’s ridiculous, illogical rabbit hole. The inversions of logic and reason the world is expected to accept are beyond even Alice’s relaxed tolerance as a witness to the ABSURD!

Without confirming or denying that Assange is indeed in possession of secret Pentagon and State Dept documents and files, State Dept. legal advisors stress that it is against ‘US (inverted, hypocritical) Law’ to be in possession of certain documents without authority or clearance; notwithstanding the FACT that these files and documents clearly reveal that the USA is the world’s leading terrorist State! It therefore is in the world’s and public’s interest to be aware of the FACTS not the endless LIES that emanate from Washington.

Washington LIARS and CRIMINALS need to be stopped if the world is to know PEACE – we do not witness any other independent nations invading others and killing innocent civilians by the hundreds of thousands, unless of course they act as proxies for US Corporations!

It is patently obvious to even the most demented American that their nation is currently being run by criminals and that the US population has also been targeted for contractive, oppressive, invasive, treatment designed specifically to safeguard the UNREPRESENTATIVE, ruling elites!

The threatening letter to Assange cites three main reasons not to publish more material that would compromise the criminal regime in power in the USA:

a) That innocent lives would be put at risk; well, need we mention the million dead innocent Iraqis that LOST their lives as a DIRECT CONSEQUENCE of the world’s most bungled OIL GRAB? No, we had better keep silent or the sky over America might fall in, you fuckin’ mindless morons!

b) That on-going US/NATO military operations would be compromised; now let’s see, should I ask, following the massive exposure of the illegal nature of these military invasions of PLUNDER, whether they are legal under international convention and LAW, you dimwits? And whether or not the perpetrators of these planned crimes are being pursued/charged and held to account? Give me a break 'Jethro,' you lobotomised, banjo-playing, retard!

c) That the on-going collaboration of the criminal coalition of corrupt nations would be put at risk by Assange exposing what the Americans REALLY think of their ‘allies’ – well, bully for you, Theodore! You can work that one out for yourselves, I have better things to do than entertain more American inanities and gross absurdities.
Sing after me, ‘I am a yankee doodle dim-wit, yankee doodle do and go fuck yourselves, morons!’

video Hitler Flips over Nano-thermite at Ground Zero - Mp4
PDF Document State Department Letter to Assange/WikiLeaks

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