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A Measure of American Subservience and Slavery
by stele Friday, Nov 19 2010, 10:21pm
international / social/political / commentary

Perhaps in its blind desire for ever more profits and less resistance, Corporate ruled America has crossed the line of tolerance – but we think not, as it is plain for the world to see that there is no limit to American servility and no slave like an American slave -- pathetic!

Nun receiving a 'pat-down' -- what next?
Nun receiving a 'pat-down' -- what next?

Without doubt the most degrading and subservient behaviour we are able to witness today is Americans being subjected to the probings of airport ‘security perverts’ known as the TSA!

The law abiding American population have acquiesced to a level of intrusion and degradation on their bodies and minds that has never been witnessed before.

Whipped dog Americans are clearly the most cowering, cringing, shit-eating slaves on earth – make no mistake! No civilised, moral human being would submit to the degradations inflicted on American air travellers today.

The cost of flying in America today is to be the unwilling subject of voyeuristic perverts masquerading as security staff. Only perverts could derive pleasure/job satisfaction from ‘dominating’ passengers and viewing their naked body contours including clearly defined genital areas. The ‘option’ if this type of intrusive and dangerous scan is refused is a physical ‘pat-down,’ which involves humiliation in the form of genital touching and intrusive body-groping by a complete stranger, usually in public view! Let’s not forget that these uninvited ‘touchings’ constitute crimes in any other social context! I mean really, are ‘we’ OK over their in star-spangled paradise? Can you people suck any harder or sink any lower? Where are the limits to your shame? Are you not aware that servility is not required in any real Democracy? What happened to American self-respect, the world would like to know?

No psychologically balanced person would feel comfortable performing the sordid ‘duties’ of the TSA and no self-respecting person would tolerate such outrageous intrusions on their privacy.

Often stated, now confirmed, America is ruled by criminal sociopaths that are no longer aware of moral demarcations! You see, the current malaise applies to ALL America, including Legal, Moral and Religious institutions – therein lies the true measure of American slavery and psychological disease -- how SICK you people really are!

The Chertoff Scandal and the '9/11' incident that launched the airport scanner industry

Puppet Obama takes Corporate position on body Scans and Indecent Genital Assaults -- no one is surprised

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