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Midterm Absurdities – the TRUTH, Pure and Simple
by bluey Wednesday, Nov 3 2010, 7:04pm
international / social/political / commentary

If modern ‘democratic’ elections prove anything they prove the current two horse, ONE STABLE ‘race’ is a fraud/joke! Obama is not the problem the forces that pull his and every other (with very few exceptions) politician’s strings on Capitol (spelled 'Capital,' you idiots!) Hill, control OUR governments/democracies! So who or what are the forces that once lurked in the shadows but today are known to the entire world? YES, that’s right, morons, Wall Street, Big Finance/Banks and Transnational CORPORATIONS. Everybody knows!

What is lacking today that generations past had in abundance is ‘SPINE’ and the temerity/will to change one’s circumstances.

People today ACCEPT criminal, puppet governments like the millions of historic Jews that were herded into gas chambers by a few dozen armed Nazi guards PASSIVELY ACCEPTED their deaths!! THE ENTIRE WORLD KNOWS THE IRAQ WAR WAS BASED ON LIES AND WAS/IS ESSENTIALLY AN OIL GRAB – let’s (continue) to ignore the appalling holocaust of over one million innocent civilian dead and focus on the KNOWN perpetrators of this criminal invasion/occupation!

What do you suppose has been done about apprehending the KNOWN criminal leaders of this most inept criminal FRAUD – yes, that’s right, SWEET FUCK ALL! The Independent Press has been screaming for JUSTICE for over a decade – the result, accelerated militaristic expansionism and increased civilian casualties, the Corporatists are laughing as they read this – they know as I know that the chicken-shit masses are not worth a pinch of shit – NEVER BEFORE HAVE SO MANY PEOPLE DISPLAYED SO MUCH COWARDICE! Sure, a few brave individuals continue to carry the torch of Freedom and wave the banner of Justice (WikiLeaks) while the global majority COWER and CRINGE in FEAR, timidity and INACTION.

Well, everything – especially denial and cowardice -- comes at a price, the only thing laissez-faire economics got right is, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch!” I can ASSURE all you cowardly COCKSUCKERS that you will pay through the nose – the rest of us may win or lose BUT we’ll either go down fighting or be happily engaged in hanging CRIMINAL Corporatists from the nearest light poles.

The millions these Corporate PIGS pay themselves does not reflect their ability, it is the real reward YOUR cowardice and apathy bestows on them! The paltry wages of the majority, however, does reflect the status of those that accept the widest disparity of real wealth known to modern history – yes, indeed, Corporatists couldn’t exist without the mindless, moronic, servile, slaves that SUPPORT them and tolerate their BRAZEN criminality!

REAL change does not occur without a STRUGGLE, personal and social. Freedom is never bestowed, it is EARNED.

Have a nice day, cocksuckers!


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Midterm Election Further Demonstrates Need for Revolution
by David DeGraw via reed - Amped Status Wednesday, Nov 3 2010, 8:34pm

The Obama referendum came in and he got what he deserved. When you run on change and leave the same criminals in positions of power and don’t hold anyone accountable for obvious crimes, and allow them to continue to commit those crimes, you deserve to lose your power. This is what happens when you put Tim Geithner and Larry Summers in charge of the economy, and support Ben Bernanke for reconfirmation as Chairman of the Federal Reserve. This is what happens when you keep Robert Gates as your Secretary of Defense and General Petraeus in charge of your wars. This is what happens when you lie to protect the interests of BP over the American people. This is what happens when you bailout Wall Street and the health care industry and sell out everyone else. This is what happens when your rhetoric is the opposite of your actions. The past two years have clearly exposed Obama as a spineless corporate puppet and he deserves to be voted out in 2012.

Now, don’t get me wrong, most of the people who were just voted into office are just as bad, if not worse, as hard as that is to believe. This election marks the third straight time that the American public dramatically voted out the people who were in power. The fact of the matter is that these people are not voting for politicians that they like as much as they are voting against politicians they hate. Hopefully by 2012 the American public will finally understand that they must support Independent candidates and alternative political structures, and cannot vote for Democrats or Republicans, if they ever want to achieve the needed change. Both parties serve the same corporate masters. Yes, there are some differences between the two. The Democrats serve half of the top economic one percent, and the Republicans serve the other half. We have Neo-liberals to the left and Neo-cons to the right, leaving 99% of us without representation.

And the saddest part of all, the system is now so rigged via campaign finance, lobbying and the revolving door that it is almost impossible for people who represent us to even get into office, let alone stay in office and enact policies that will bring change. Two politicians in Congress who actually fought for us against the Economic Elite just lost their reelection bids. Alan Grayson and Russ Feingold lost because record amounts of cash went to funding the candidates who ran against them. Even their own party’s leadership didn’t support their reelection efforts. The bottom line in this money rigged system is that you cannot run against the most powerful corporations and win. They will just pour unlimited funds into defeating you, and your own party will desert you.

The truth that many so called “Independent” news outlets will not tell you is that this government is now beyond repair. You won’t hear many calls for Revolution because even the more “Independent” news outlets are dependent on the two-party system. It is absurd that these outlets still play into the obsolete Republican versus Democrat dynamic. The only reason why they do it is because they are dependent on grants from foundations and political organizations that will not fund them unless they bow to Democrats and bash Republicans, or vice versa.

I can speak from personal experience. I’ve lost a vital grant to fund my work because I wasn’t willing to focus my attention on blaming Republicans for our problems. Our problems are a result of the two-party system. When you engage in bashing one party in favor of the other, you become a pivotal cog in the machine that is killing our country. I will not be part of the disease. The stakes are too high now. America is burning and both parties are pouring gasoline all over it.

Most Americans have only a vague understanding of the collapse that we have been set up for. If you think the past two years were bad, they were just a warm up to what is coming our way. After analyzing the policies in place and the current political environment, I can assure you that the next two years will be worse that the previous two. 52 million Americans have already been driven into poverty, 30 million are in need of work, millions of American families have been foreclosed upon and the inequality of wealth is the most severe it has ever been in the history of the United States. And this is just the beginning phase of the decline. Millions more will be added to these totals and the social safety-nets that have held our society together are breaking down. Cuts to vital social programs are going to be severe across the board.

Our paid-off government is not going to fix our problems, they are making them worse. Don’t you think it’s time for you to start representing yourself? Don’t you think it’s time for you to start defending your family’s interests?

These are questions that I’ve already asked myself and deeply considered. I made my decision and have dedicated myself to building a wide-ranging network of alliances across the political spectrum and have drafted a common ground platform that we are building off of. I’ve analyzed power politics very closely over the years. I know how the game is played and I know who our enemies are. I’m going to do everything I can to end the two-party oligopoly.

I’m not saying that you should follow me. I’m saying that it’s time for YOU to lead. It’s time for YOU to get involved. Build your own army. Once you start paying attention and put in some time to do the research, you will clearly see for yourself that both parties are working against your interests. You will also see how critical the situation is and realize that you can no longer be passive and expect to keep living a healthy and secure lifestyle. We are going to be tested in ways we have never been tested before. We cannot get away with being apolitical anymore. It’s time for us to pay attention, to become directly involved in the decision-making processes that guide our life. I know this is something that most people don’t enjoy and don’t want to do, but the consequences of our inaction will be much worse than anything we have ever experienced.

Yes, I sound extreme, but these are extreme times. I’m not going to sit quietly as our future is ripped out from under us. I will not let my family’s well being and our country’s fate be decided by short-sighted greed addicted forces that have looted the global economy and brought poverty, death and destruction throughout the world.

I see the path we are on and I intend to change it!

It is evident that the overwhelming majority of the population has become cynical and feels that it is useless to try to change things. If these people would just realize that they are the overwhelming majority and take action, we can change things. We have power in numbers. We are 99% of the population. If we organize on common ground and fight back, we will win!

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Informative video series on the REAL power behind the US
by via stan Tuesday, Nov 9 2010, 6:51am

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