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Oz Spy Chief invokes ‘Terror’ Bogeyman to justify Budget/Jobs
by Kismo (Kiss my Arse) Wednesday, Oct 20 2010, 9:00pm
international / social/political / commentary

Or more accurately, to allow further intrusions on public privacy by increasing domestic surveillance and cyber monitoring/censorship policies at the direct behest of the real Oz government in Washington – now choke on the truth you pathetic, inept, corporate-loving, traitorous dimwits!


‘Prime Minister’ Julia Gillard opened a new Counter Terrorism Control Centre (CTCC) at the public’s expense today without informing the public of the ‘coincidental’ explosion in the Corporate sector of highly profitable Security Companies specialising in everything from cyber security to airport genital scanning.

Like Big Pharma diagnosing a bad mood as a psychiatric complaint, in order to sell ‘medications’/drugs, these new industries require bogeymen ‘threats’ (mostly phantoms) in order to reap their huge profits and gain contracts in ever broadening (manufactured) ‘fields of security.’ Would you care to hazard a guess at who the real target of all this surveillance is – yes, YOU!

Yesiree, it’s really all about social control and the need of forming centralist governments to completely control all available channels of communication, whether it be digital bank transfers or emails/chats. Another mysterious Hollywood Bin Laden tape release from the grave is a real possibility at this stage!

I mean really, are you morons out there so fuckin’ blind and/or stupid you can’t see the nose on your Facebook anymore.

Wakey, wakey, dummies:

As a measure of local spook expertise they have been trying furiously to identify anyone of us for over five long years of constant taunting and informing the public of the truth. Success rate, zero -- LMFAO!

the anon elite crewz are more mobile today than ever b4 - yas can all choke on that fact, too!

have a nice servile day, geniuses!


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