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'Operation Dark Heart' Author Alleges 9/11 Cover Up
by staff report via reed - ICH Wednesday, Oct 13 2010, 5:34am
international / injustice/law / other press

Judge Napolitano's Ground-breaking interview with Lt. Col, Anthony Shaffer and former CIA Intelligence officer, Michael Scheuer, shines more light on the world's most inept cover-up, the 'Official' 9/11 Report. Shaffer's recently published book, "Operation Dark Heart" was essentially "censored" by the Pentagon -- 10,000 copies of the first run were purchased by the Pentagon in a failed attempt to suppress facts exposing U.S. criminal activity and improprieties in the Iraq and Afghan invasions and occupations.


Operation Dark Heart exposed the 'good and bad' of combat operations, which the U.S. Government wished to keep from the public. Dark Heart highlights how a committed and innovative small group of experts can produce results despite operating in an often dis-functional system. The account given by Tony Shaffer of how things worked in Afghanistan (and Washington) gives a whole new insight into how soldiers managed to prosecute a war on the ground while a top heavy bureaucracy impeded missions and hindered most operations. The first edition is quite a read! WikiLeaks has obtained a first edition copy and promises to publish the now 'redacted' sections. Ed.

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