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The Fear Trade and Disinfo Business
by stele Monday, Oct 11 2010, 10:13pm
international / mass media / commentary

(A Cure)

It started in a concerted fashion with the first media (military) campaigns of ancient Roman Emperors but probably had its inception some time before that with Alexander the (narcissistic) not so great, adopting Divine status after conquering Egypt. However, we are concerned with today’s lies and propaganda not with its inglorious history/past.

Today’s modern disinfo and propaganda model in the US could arguably be traced to the U2 spy plane project and the creation, by the USAF, of the UFO phenomena, which served to psychologically camouflage the spy planes on their missions.

For the record, there are no ET humanoids out there though this multidimensional, infinite universe is SATURATED with life but each in its own sphere and dimension never to overlap into another. So let go the concerted propaganda/LIES of ruling cabals and their feeble attempts to capture the (mass) imagination again with all this 2012 doomsday (and religious transformation) and other ‘projects’ doing the email rounds and populating Youtube. It may also be prudent to observe the continuous, negative WAR and FEAR campaign the mass media is waging today. The fact remains, all modern WARS are needless and only serve the interests of the very few.

I would make a point at the outset, 9/11 is perhaps the most transparent crime/fraud of the new century but what is being done about apprehending the criminal perpetrators – I ask YOU? It is up to all of us to change society -- REAL change – not Obama’s vacuous semantic, ‘change.’

Indeed, when viewed with some perspective the entire house of mainstream propaganda cards collapses. CHANGE is as REAL as you withdrawing your support from the lying, murdering Corporatists that have hijacked OUR DEMOCRACIES.

Cease believing/sub-scribing to all the obvious bullshit and fear tactics -- the evil Status Quo is put to an end thereby. Direct all your energies to POSITIVE pursuits and watch the feeble mass media chorus of ‘WAR, TERROR and FEAR’ lose traction and become a fading echo in the tin drum it emanated from!’

More than 95% of mainstream 'news' is orchestrated NEGATIVE propaganda, designed to keep the masses under a black, depressive, manageable cloud – well, here comes the Sun!

I leave you with a poem that encapsulates the immediate opportunity for REAL CHANGE – enjoy and share around. It really is that simple.


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