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Salute the Day
by stele Sunday, Oct 10 2010, 7:44pm
international / prose/poetry / literature

The sun rises
with a slow,
long hum
this morning,
how many suns have I seen

From the sands of Gizeh,
so long ago (such splendour)
to the
south cliffs of Bondi, today.

Same sun/soul
but with each new day
new experience
no two risings alike
no two grains of sand or
leaves of grass the same,
nothing identical in this universe
or the next.

We are born/e with
each new day
We are Risen.

With each new rising
opportunities offered
to change anything we wish,
alter any circumstance
and greet a New dawn/Life.

The true nature of existence
is Flux;
allow Light to shatter illusion
and expose the static formulas --
death -- of conservatism;
refresh your mind.

He rises,
the Golden Phallus
of the sky,
dispelling the dark.

Mighty Ra,
(all) my delusions
cast your revealing Light
on the evil machinations
of men.

Renew/Free me;
release the shadow phantoms
of my mind,
cast your beams
across the mighty expanse
and revive my Soul ..

a warm
vibrating hum
permeates everything
this morning ..


We have Overcome!

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