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Broken News: Howard’s final Suck
by dingo Sunday, May 14 2006, 6:12am
international / social/political / news report

“Bush Praises Howard”, reads the headline on ninemsn ‘news’, 15 May ‘06. It is not often a response can be encapsulated in one word, PUKE, Puke, puke – whatever way you care to spell it!

Howard is a little piece of carrot in the barf that is international conservatism. Other pieces would include Tony Blair, Pat Robertson, Evangelicals of various shades, Christian fundamentalists, Islamic fundamentalists etc, etc. ALL are ultra-right social expressions and social DISEASES. But Howard and Bush, the weevil and the cretin really do make a fine duo and epitomise the filth that is Western political manipulation and deception.

How many times has the Western media broadcast the number of civilian casualties in the illegal war? In a period exceeding three years, count the instances on one hand! The result is the credibility of the mass media is diminishing at light speed – a well-deserved outcome.

We have some Real News; THE SHOW IS OVER! The people have seen what many saw from the start – lies, Lies and more LIES; combined with murder, Murder and more MURDER! We have the news of the day and a grotesque picture it makes.

All the ‘King’s horses’ and all the King’s media moguls couldn’t save the rodent and the moron again! The mass media’s attempts at distraction have failed, the TRUTH is written in BLOOD and is impossible to ignore.

The criminal governments of the Western and Eastern world beware – the people have had enough of your filthy lies, corruption and murderous ways. The International Criminal Court will become a real people’s court. Do not think for a second that as a result of exposure the leaders of today will find safety in retirement. Murderers who seek the relative safety afforded politicians who have served their masters will not find rest or safe haven. The people will not be robbed of justice any longer. The same Laws that apply to common thieves and murderers also apply to criminal leaders of State.

History has taught us the best shows in town are trials of corrupt State leaders and others complicit in crimes against the people.

We have nothing more to add except we’ll see you in the dock – that is REAL NEWS!

“See how they'll run!”

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