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Oz ‘Justice’
by quin Monday, Sep 27 2010, 9:22pm
national / injustice/law / commentary

It’s 'nice' to know little has really changed in this former penal colony -- the corrupt elitist ‘club’ is alive and well. Former Prime Minister, Paul ‘fingers’ Keating, infamous for the Casino "we had to have" on Christmas Island – patronised mainly by the mega-corrupt ruling Indonesian hierarchy of the time. Millions in stolen and re-directed American aid and other monies were laundered through the Casino's tables, thanks to Keating. [And] that embarrassing 'little matter' of a burdensome pig farm conveniently absorbed by Indonesian ‘investors’ – give us all a break, you brazen criminal, Keating! But what’s a thoroughly corrupt, PUPPET politician in Oz these days?


Notwithstanding the above, Keating’s most treacherous and treasonous criminal action was to surrender Oz sovereignty to Wall St by conveniently deregulating the Banks and floating the Oz dollar; thanks Paul, please live long enough for REAL Oz justice to catch up with you.

Have you noticed how China beat the West hands down by maintaining control of its currency, you traitorous turd, Paul?

Today’s news only serves to remind Aussies of the ‘good ol’ days.’ Keating appeared in a Sydney local court defending a red light traffic infringement – he pleaded amber against the word of TWO police who insisted the lights were red! The magistrate ruled in Keating’s favour, of course:

“He [Keating] maintained the light was amber … But two police officers testified that it had been red.

Magistrate Carolyn Barkell dismissed the charge, saying she found both stories were equally probable and, as there was a reasonable doubt as to whether the traffic light was red or amber, she had to dismiss the case.”
Now, my fellow Aussie citizens, what chance you or me against the word of two coppers in court, hint, buckley’s and none? What a travesty, what a circus of corruption. But we can always rely on Paul’s style to drive the message home, no matter how offensive its odour.

Given the chance I would personally hang you for the treasonous "scumbag" that you are, Keating. Howard was unspeakably pathetic, the rest are worse, but your treachery was the most damaging. The result of you selling the farm for a pittance is the wholesale raping of the nation’s wealth by Transnational Corporations today.

At the slightest hint of returning some of the nation’s wealth to the people -- in the form of Corporate taxes -- the ‘club’ mobilises its media and propaganda arm and forces today’s pissweak pollies to cease supporting the people or safeguarding the nation’s future. We owe it all to you, Paul, you odorous twist of dog shit!

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