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A Telling Mail
by team Friday, May 12 2006, 6:59am
international / social/political / news report

[This mail has been vetted and cleared prior to general release.]

The following e-mail has been published as a gesture of appreciation for all the support and help that has come from many quarters since the inception of the site. The success of the site and the effectivity of its mission is the direct result of the creative input of all concerned and the support of those in the broader community.

We thank you all.

Greetings and Congratulations to everyone involved,

A recent post has had a runaway success taking the first six pages on google search with the following k-words:

boffins buffoons agencies

[As of 13 May '06, -- duration affects results as google updates.] The listings were almost uninterrupted and only began to fade on the sixth page (for Australian results -- listings vary according to nation).

Original link to the article:

The article pre-empted the present fiasco in the CIA hierarchy, which will no doubt escalate and impact on the entire 'intelligence' community (and associated/allied agencies).

We thank our American and Australian sources who work tirelessly and often at great personal risk (in various government depts) to unearth material of interest to the people. We appreciate the risks involved and offer our sincere thanks and gratitude. We hope we have earned your trust and anticipate more information in the future.

The nefarious forces that have stolen power will soon face the consequences of their heinous crimes (9/11, Iraq, etc). Like all criminal mentalities they thought it would be easy, they have overlooked perhaps the most obvious opposition to their criminal activities and that is the people to whom democracy and liberty are meaningful terms (as opposed to those who use those words to veil their totalitarian ambitions).

Know and realise that the MAJORITY oppose tyrants, autocrats and the like and that people have learnt that inaction in the face of ultra-right/left politics results in Stalins, Hitlers and the Bush regime.

We will not rest until Bush and those who supported and continue to support him (especially the Evangelical religious right) are exposed, eliminated and in some cases jailed for their crimes.

Cleaves Editorial Committee

It may interest some youth and independent media organisations (IMC) that the UK, Irish and other member outlets chose not to publish and in some cases delete the article. It would seem these organisations may have been infiltrated or are in need of personnel changes.

Links follow:

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