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Tony Blair and the Red Queen
by reed Monday, Sep 13 2010, 8:53pm
international / injustice/law / commentary

Brazen war criminal and member of the coalition of willing criminals, Tony Blair, is forever attempting to salvage his trashed name and save himself from the gallows. The extremes corporate elites go to these days in their vain attempts to avoid legal accountability is indicative of their desperation!

Cohorts in crime, Blair and Clinton
Cohorts in crime, Blair and Clinton

The latest bizarre attempt at salvage and distraction was the American Quran burnings and ‘mosque’ exercise near 'ground zero' – how many of you were distracted from the nefarious reality of 9/11 by these extreme tactics? However, today’s news takes the upside-down cake; this one is straight out of an absurd fairytale – “War criminal, Tony Blair, is to receive an award for his global human rights work in the US.” [Emphasis added]

I have nothing more to add to the following report, except to say that some very nervous corporatists must be feeling a little constricted around their throats – the award was presented by Bill ‘Iraq embargo, Balkan bomber’ Clinton, hardly surprising:

Tony Blair gets Liberty Medal for human rights work
AP via Herald Sun

FORMER British Prime Minister Tony Blair has received the 2010 Liberty Medal for his global human rights work and commitment to international conflict resolution.

Former US President Bill Clinton gave Mr Blair the medal at the National Constitution Centre in Philadelphia, which presents the annual award to those striving to bring liberty to people worldwide.

Blair was chosen for his work promoting religious tolerance, improving African governance, securing a peace accord in Northern Ireland and working toward Middle East peace.

A publicity tour for Mr Blair's best-selling memoir has seen protests in Ireland and Britain by opponents of the Iraq War.

There were no protests at the Philadelphia ceremony, which featured a performance by the Irish Tenors and a video tribute from U2 lead singer Bono, a 2007 recipient.
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