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9/11 -- Nano-Thermite
by bluey Friday, Sep 10 2010, 8:50am
international / injustice/law / opinion/analysis

Rarely is a title able to carry an entire story – but the above accomplishes that task. The Truth of 9/11 is in our faces – use your favourite search engine!

Also, a FORENSIC examination has not yet been carried out on the most infamous building destruction in New York’s history – hazard a guess! It’s not me that has something to hide, ask New York’s fire fighters why investigative procedures (in the manual) were disregarded when exhaustive analysis was clearly required.

But let’s allow the criminal ruling 'elites' to DISTRACT us with a MASSIVE, concerted media blitz on a proposed mosque and Koran burnings on the anniversary – you mindless, American morons; you deserve everything you get!

For those still capable of independent thought, follow the links:


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remembering 9/11
by chela Saturday, Sep 11 2010, 2:19pm

preparing for work
on that September morning
news stories of the towers,
this is war of the worlds --
a H G Wells radio play

how did I not know about this?
but it was real news,
an orchestrated fictive narrative unfolding
before my eyes.

the horror repeated endlessly on TV
designed to instill fear;
that sight will never leave me,

our world will never be the same again.
the world has been duped
introduced to the American war on terror
a manipulated act intended to intimidate
and elicit a lasting emotional response
to future threats produced on demand.

once again we had been brainwashed.

The War on Terror Campaign had begun
we continue to kill innocents in the name of terror,
3,000 in New York, a million in Iraq,
an unknown number in Afghanistan
and other battlefields yet to be announced

we live in shame because of 9/11
let us not forget the innocent, murdered souls

remember them with love and compassion
and never forget those nefarious, domestic cabals
that hatched that evil plan.

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