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Goldman Sachs: Rogue Institution
by fleet Thursday, Sep 9 2010, 8:23pm
international / injustice/law / commentary

The brazen criminal enterprise known as Goldman Sachs, which is now attempting to implement a global carbon based penalty economy, recently incurred a paltry fine in the UK for failure to disclose it was under fraud investigations in the US – now wait for it. The fine amounted to $30 million! Gee, that must’ve ‘hurt!’

Due to its privileged insider position and its huge fund resources, G Sachs was able to manipulate the global financial system and markets and ‘rob the world blind.’ It is a matter of public record that G Sachs was a principal player in the global economic meltdown; G Sachs should have been forced to return all monies it appropriated (stole) during the period leading up to and after the collapse – G Sachs has openly admitted that it made over $50 million on highly questionable ‘short bets’ (against itself).

If you have any doubts as to the character of the men that run our (now failed) financial system and the calibre of the piss-weak regulators in their pockets, then perhaps it’s time to take a REALITY pill!

In any event, nothing will be able to prevent the imminent global economic collapse, which G Sachs helped precipitate.

An appropriate new slogan may yet be heard in the streets, “the only good executive is a dead executive!”

Have a nice day.

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