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Moussaoui gets life: Bush displays acumen
by budgie Wednesday, May 3 2006, 4:12pm
international / peace/war / news report

Just when you thought the idiot President (Americans please note) couldn’t top his previous efforts of pure imbecility, he does it again! Bush, responding to the verdict handed down to small fry terrorist, Moussaoui, stated that, “Moussaoui got a life sentence, that means he will spend the rest of his life in jail.” [Doh!] Would the real leaders of the United States please show your faces because hiding behind this cretin is becoming tedious. We would all like to know who is really determining the course of the nation since the Zionists, Wolfowitz and Perle, have jumped ship. [Remember their (now failed) plan to safeguard Israel by duping the US into invading Iraq and eliminating Saddam after the missile attacks on Tel Aviv? Israel now faces a more horrendous nightmare as a direct result of the failures in Iraq. ‘O, what tangled webs!']

Reality vs Bush
Reality vs Bush

Tangled webs of deception backfired perfectly on those who engineered the whole Iraq debacle. Israel now faces extremely hostile sentiments from most of the nations that surround it, whereas previously these nations only posed a moderate threat. Today the whole Arab ‘ring of hostility’ glares menacingly at the ‘nation of convenience’, or as they see it, the blight of the Middle East.

‘But we’re God’s chosen, it’s OUR Land’, I hear the Semites lament; the rest of humanity are cockroaches in (our) God’s eyes, we know it is true because a bunch of Jews wrote it! But beware the Christian (moronic) ally playing at millennialism; ‘final battle’ outcomes that irradiate the whole Middle East (if not the world) are part of the plan! Notwithstanding input from Arabs inspired by the fray in Iraq, which has become the perfect recruiting theatre for extremists worldwide. Well done, Uncle Sam and the Zionists! We can’t wait for the next instalment, nuclear warfare in Iran, perfect! How does it go again, George? How about another take on an aircraft carrier; tell us the war is over again. We need your reassurance but this time invite Blair and Howard so we can behold the three ‘Magi’ in this tragicomedy.

But you really have to give it to the God of Abraham for possessing the most evil sense of humour or being an outright sadist. It’s all your fault God; the three sons of Abraham (Judaism, Islam AND Christianity) are fighting it out in your name.

The next time anyone even breathes religion as anything other than a fictional symbolic narrative, know that person to be a danger to self and society.

“In God we trust”, do we? How does it go again, “mission accomplished”? Please bring me a jumpsuit!

Show me a God and I will show you a lamebrain. Never has more blood been spilt; enough is enough.


1000 words
1000 words

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