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As it is
by sadh Thursday, Sep 2 2010, 12:23pm
international / prose/poetry / literature

Flying Vajrayogini
Flying Vajrayogini

a word,
a sound
a scent;
any one or combination
of which
could trigger
the response.

a reminder and
you appear;
emerging from deep
within my spine
intoxicated and dishevelled

rising in spurts,
my hemispheres
with soma,
‘haunnngg saaa’
of the brain;

of You --

within me
like a mountain
pushing into the sky.

i offer my entirety;
flood my mind
quicken my heart
overwhelm my world
release your harmony
synthesise the incongruous.

tears flow freely
my heart bursting
unrestrained Love,
my mouth
uttering nothing but praise,
until my entire being
convulses and
in bliss;

my first and last Lover
my creator/destroyer God
my unborn

Om namah Sivaya

The Dakini Nărodăkinĩ is readily recognizable by her lunging posture and raised skull bowl (kapala). Her head is uptilted, poised to imbibe the blood that overflows her skull bowl, and her right hand brandishes a curved knife (kartika).

Nărodăkinĩ's physical attributes are interpreted with reference to long-standing Buddhist principles as well as distinctively Tantric concepts. For example, her freely flowing hair is in the lndic setting a mark of a yogic practitioner, especially one who cultivates psychic heat, whereas Buddhist exegetes imerpret the unbound tresses as a sign that her mind, free from grasping, is a flowing stream of nonconceptuality.

Her crown of five skulls represents her transformation of the five aspects of selfhood into the five transcendental insights of a Buddha. Her garland of fifty severed heads symbolizes her purification of the fifty primary units of language and thought. Her bone ornaments represent five of the six perfections of a bodhisattva.

Her body itself represents the sixth perfection, transcendent wisdom (prajna), which all female deities implicitly personify. Nărodăkinĩ carries a mystical Staff (khatvănga), supported by her left arm or balanced across her left shoulder. The staff indicates that she is not celibate and has immigrated eroticism into her spiritual path, mastering the art of transmuting pleasure into transcendent bliss.



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from the Brihadâranyaka Upanishad
by vajra Saturday, Sep 4 2010, 11:27pm

6:4-3 Her lap is a sacrificial altar; her [pubic] hair, the sacrificial grass; her skin, the soma-press. The labia of the vulva are the fire in the middle.

Verily, as great as is the world of him who sacrifices with the Vâjapeya ('Strength-libation') sacrifice; so great is the world of him who practises sexual intercourse [knowing this] he turns the 'good deeds' of women to himself. But he who practises sexual intercourse without knowing this, women turn his 'good deeds' unto themselves.

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