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A Time for Healing and Recovery
by fish Friday, Aug 6 2010, 8:36pm
international / social equality/unity / article

The 21st Century began with Corporate interests pushing their puppet governments into Conflict and Wars, all in the name of the ‘bottom line,’ filling coffers and exploiting/plundering the wealth of poorer nations without any regard for civilised morality, decency, Law or convention. The result is the horrific first decade of this century; a decade forever stained by a civilian holocaust in the name of oil theft, a nefarious, now proven beyond doubt (nano-thermite) criminal fraud perpetrated on the people on September 11, 2001 in order to facilitate the criminality that followed and continues to this day, namely, the invasion, occupation and exploitation of resource rich poor nations for the benefit of Corporate and Transnational interests!

If we continue in this thoroughly barbaric and destructive direction the end scenario is clear, planetary and social devastation, mayhem and irreparable damage. We have all witnessed how ‘responsible’ Corporate (e.g. BP) interests are with the environment and the little regard those interests display for human/ALL life. The ugly reality stares us in the face daily.

It is not time for long discourse or rhetoric just some simple home truths.

As a species we cannot make it alone – we suffer horribly if we try. We need each other and a productive, harmonious, environment which supplies all the necessities of life, this is not difficult to realise! Any force or interest that threatens these two critical factors is clearly PERVERSE and MUST be permanently neutralised, this includes all poisonous social and material agents. The most practical solutions are always simple.

It is now IMPERATIVE that SANITY prevails and it is clear that that responsibility falls on everyone, for we are the world.

Minority, unrepresentative rule has resulted in the horrific reality we face today. It is simply a matter of coming together and preserving the most import factors necessary for survival, which are a mutually co-operative society and the elimination of all material agents that damage the environment – the Corporate ideology of the ‘bottom line’ at all costs, is a poison to everything that lives and exists on this planet; the truth of that can be witnessed daily, nefarious forces continue to poison, rape, pillage and murder even as I write.

The future belongs to each of us, it always has, our co-operative participation is required now if we are to continue in a tenable world.

We all know what we must do – restore social justice, cease supporting OR IGNORING lying criminals and destructive PUPPET GOVERNMENTS and regulate every aspect of corporate life in order for it to serve the greater good not itself.

The number of honourable and good people on the planet far exceeds the number of selfish, nefarious individuals -- that is FACT. Support those men and women in your respective community/society. If you live in an alienated western style society then first form co-operative communities. Life is action, stasis is death; be an active, constructive member/force in your society and community and always guard against those obvious criminal forces of exploitation, division and destruction. Constant vigilance is required if we are to survive.

We are ONE or we are nothing.


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