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"You cannot step into the same river twice; All things flow; nothing endures" -- Heraclitus
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Casualty of Love
by rayn Sunday, Aug 1 2010, 10:46pm
international / prose/poetry / literature

i confess
i am vanquished
by [your] Love

catapulted my soul
to heights
i never imagined existed.

your magic touch,
a gift for which you pay
a high price it seems,
is unable to prevent
your mis-readings
of the mundane world below
and save you from
unnecessary confrontations
with cold, hard reality.

apply your rare ability
to yourself,
it would never lead you
or fail you
(i am proof of your ability)

your fantasies
and blurred perceptions
always fail you learn.
why would you deny yourself
the gift and treasures
you magically
bestow on others?

you need only accompany those
you launch into Paradise;

there is no need to deprive
yourself of joy
or crucify yourself
on a malformed self-image
that you continue to carry,
a curse from the past
that continues to distort
your vision and understanding.

an offering;
take my hand, heart and soul,
hold on for dear life
and accompany me to the
YOUR magic
opened for me

allow yourself
the joy and Love
that you gift to others;

it begins with self,
and ends with Everything/Infinity;
learn first to Love self;
abandon the habit
of self-loathing,
which was so effectively
branded into your being.

my mouth
and keyboard
fail to describe
the wonder, bliss and joy
that await you,
the same
bliss and ecstasy
you have gifted
this grateful soul

an entreaty;
release your spirit,
accompany me to Paradise.

audio If not for You - Bob Dylan

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