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by cleaves Saturday, Jul 31 2010, 9:27pm
international / social equality/unity / news report

Have we had enough yet, a gutful of murder, lies, devastation, mayhem, war and deceit, all brought to you courtesy of the world’s leading Corporate controlled terrorist nation and its puppet allies – take a guess?

It can only get worse as the principles upon which the current world nightmare is perpetuated find support in the worst aspects of human nature – but all is NOT lost, the situation is EASILY CURED with the most powerful human emotion that exists, L-O-V-E!

Surely the message of the wisest sages and leaders throughout the ages is not lost on us today? Are we not yet able to SEE clearly that ONLY LOVE is able to cure and heal ALL our social and personal ills?

It starts with each one of us, we are only able to receive Love if we (give) Love freely/unconditionally; universal and personal LOVE would then fill our lives, always.

Love sustains and keeps us safe and secure no matter what! This is not an ideal it is a REALITY, I am merely reiterating what the wisest among us have stated since we have existed on the earth.

Is it time to CURE, is it time to HEAL, is it time for JUSTICE – surely it is always time for LOVE, PEACE and HARMONY?

There is nothing stronger, more sublime or elevating in this universe (or any other) than the sheer wonder and POWER of LOVE. But in order for it to be effective in our lives and society at large, love must work in each of us against the evil that has momentarily taken us from our natural course.

If WE are to prevail, we must jettison fear and all ill-will and replace all negative emotion with LOVE for each other and all living things – the mayhem and madness currently affecting all our lives is thereby eliminated, there is no other sure way – Fact!

Make your choice, choose LIFE over death, Peace over war and LOVE over fear.

It starts and ends with each one of us.


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