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Carried on the Wind
by stylus Wednesday, Jul 28 2010, 9:57pm
international / prose/poetry / news report

Prayer Flags and Chorten
Prayer Flags and Chorten

i struck myself (into the ground)
beside the track
overlooking the sea,
FREE in the Bondi breeze

like a Tibetan prayer flag
i unfurl my
sacred text
to be carried by the wind
to the teaming millions
behind me.

a flag to protect against
the treacherous passes
and dangerous tracks;
like sacred Buddhist
Sutras of Compassion
that ward off
the evil that pervades the world.

[Compassion, a most foreign word
in today’s star-spangled Occident.]

what need for
Hollywood Bin Ladens
when REAL warriors
from the South
Land run the wire like
Mongol conquerors
never retreating at the death
of their Khan;
expanding their seized
(digital) territory?

our sacred text is inscribed
and carried on digital winds,
disseminated to every land
do you see/hear our flags
whipping in gales,
gently lolling
in mild summer breezes?

[forever vexing and taunting
the failing, evil powers.]

we seek out
star-spangled tentacles
and slice them from
the body of the demon whore
watching them writhe,
twitch and curl
in death spasms;
one less hold that evil whore
is able to maintain
on hapless, innocent victims.

every step
gained ground
the inevitable
final Victory
and the restoration of
Peace and Harmony.

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