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The ‘most Dangerous Man in the World’
by quin Monday, Jun 21 2010, 9:11am
international / injustice/law / commentary

According to the Pentagon, the most ‘dangerous man in the world’ today is an Australian by the name of Julian Assange! That’s quite a claim from an American Institution that has recently voided its credibility by releasing a commercial evaluation of the natural resource wealth of invaded Afghanistan – makes you wonder what the Corporate sector is doing if the traditional military focuses on commerce and wealth. [Planning the next war, perhaps!]

Julian Assange -- you can't buy publicity like this!
Julian Assange -- you can't buy publicity like this!

In its new role as a Corporate mercenary organisation, the Pentagon Pty Ltd has accused the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, of the heinous act of RELEASING ACCURATE INFORMATION on his website. Put another way, it seems the Pentagon is averse to the TRUTH.

Anyone that would dare speak the truth in the land of propaganda, lies and mass deception, is immediately labelled a ‘dangerous’ person by US authorities – does anyone NOT SEE the absurdity of the situation or should we focus on the question of exactly why an ‘honest, law-abiding’ American Institution would have something to FEAR from the Truth.

The (leaked) video depicts the American military committing the war crime of murdering civilians in Central Asia (where it continues to wage its criminal wars). The video was sourced from Pentagon archives and leaked to Wikileaks by a soldier who rightly experienced a ‘crisis of conscience’ – the poor boy in question actually believed America was the good guy!

Thanks to Julian Assange the truth is now available for the entire world to see – perhaps now we can concentrate on bringing American war criminals to trial rather than entertaining their inverted ‘logic.’

Unconfirmed (FOX ‘News’) sources say that the Pentagon has dispatched the Red Queen and Mad Hatter to apprehend Julian Assange and place him on trial for the crime of disseminating the TRUTH!

Have a nice day!


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Oz ABC report on Assange -- Truth or Dare
by fleet Tuesday, Jun 22 2010, 11:55am

[Promo for TV report -- follow link for video presentation]

It used to be nondescript parcels on the doorstep, cryptic phone calls at midnight or shadowy meetings in underground car parks.

Now explosive information is more likely to arrive - to the tune of a novelty sound effect - in an email.

But profound and important questions surround the transaction of secret, highly sensitive, classified material. Governments and big business are fiercely protective of their internal dynamics and increasingly are coming down hard on leakers and whistleblowers. The public though demand and defend their right to know when governments they’ve installed are making decisions on their behalf, or the actions of big business impact their lives.

And so a group of one-time hackers and activists are trying to build a global truth machine.

They call it WikiLeaks.

“We want to create a system where there is guaranteed free press across the world, the entire world..... that every individual in the world has the ability to publish material that is meaningful”.


A hesitant, quietly spoken Australian named Julian Assange has become the global face of a nebulous operation with secret computer servers in a number of countries and aspirations to build an information freedom zone – the leaker’s equivalent of a tax haven – in, where else – Iceland.

WikiLeaks exploded into prominence earlier this year when it released hitherto top secret video of a helicopter gunship strafing and killing more than a dozen people in Baghdad including media covering the war.

The Wiki-team spent some time stripping the video of any electronic fingerprints that would expose the insiders who leaked it and then launched it on-line under the banner ‘Collateral Murder’ replete with damning Orwellian quotes. Critics call this activism not journalism.

“They provided artificial agenda driven context . There was an operation underway in reaction to an ongoing war. Not that apache helicopters were circling looking for a bunch of guys to just shoot up and kill”.


Foreign Correspondent’s Andrew Fowler enters the guarded, sometimes paranoid world of Wiki - talking extensively to Assange, supporters like Daniel Ellsberg who gave the world the Pentagon Papers as well as critics who see the operation as a reckless, potentially dangerous activist outpost.

As this intriguing Foreign Correspondent takes shape a military insider has been arrested on suspicion of leaking the Baghdad video and Assange has – according to colleagues – gone into hiding.

© 2010 ABC

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