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"These days man knows the price of everything, but the value of nothing" -- Oscar Wilde
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Tony Blair’s Blood Money
by stan Sunday, May 30 2010, 12:12am
international / injustice/law / commentary

In spite of Blair’s now infamous ‘45 minute’ LIE, which led Britain into an unholy alliance with the criminal Cheney/Bush administration -- facilitators for Oil Transnationals -- and the ensuing civilian Iraqi holocaust; Blair continues to feather his own nest and feed his unrestrained avarice on the misery he inflicts on others – this man is truly the worst type of criminal imaginable!


It matters little that the do nothing Chilcot inquiry exposed Blair as a heartless, unrepentant, criminal sociopath, Blair continues to make a mockery of every civilised law and convention that defines the majority of us as sentient, moral human beings.

Consulting for the world’s wealthiest Corporations and individuals, such as JP Morgan (oil deals in Iraq) the Kuwaiti ruling (oil) family and now Indian billionaire and venture capitalist, Vinod Khosla, Blair is indeed able to call on his ‘wealth’ of experience as mass murderer and plunderer to offer specialised skills and ‘privileged’ knowledge to the highest bidder.

Blair, already a multi-millionaire, will be paid a retainer of approximately one million dollars per annum to ‘advise’ Khosla on methods of profiteering on climate change – well, he ought to know, the Petro-Chemical companies Blair works for created the problem! Of course Blair’s ‘advice’ reduces to facilitator and business networker for wealthy profiteers and powerful plutocrats.

“Khosla said that with Tony's advice and ‘influence’ we will create opportunities for entrepreneurs and innovators to devise practical solutions that can solve today's most pressing problems.”
You have it in the subtext, Corporatists – and their puppet governments – profit from the problems THEY create then profit by attempting to solve them! In the meantime the planet and humanity pays an ever increasing price for these DESTRUCTIVE and DEADLY GAMES. Indeed, I would offer this advice FREE, all our problems could be solved by simply eliminating sociopaths like Blair and the plutocrats and Corporatists he serves – surely humanity has already paid far too high a price in blood and the planet in poisonous industrial pollution!

I leave you to ruminate on this, “[Blair] has told friends he needs £5 million (approx. $9 million) a year to fund his lifestyle.” What’s a few million dead civilians when Blair’s lifestyle is at stake?

If ever there was a case for a war and other crimes against humanity, trial …… YOU finish the sentence, reader! And never forget that it’s business as usual with Obama and other western leaders today.

How much more are WE willing to PAY; but that question is now redundant as the planet will decide the outcome for us?


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BIG Picture
by zed Sunday, May 30 2010, 10:35pm

You pride yourselves as analysts on this site, well ANALYSE the available information! Here's a summary without the details.

BIG Capital is making its presence felt in India -- employing a former British lackey PM is making a statement. The plutocrats require a new WORLD manufacturing base and INDIA is it!

They thought they could go offshore and maintain control of everything via markets and currency manipulations BUT China outsmarted western bankers and financiers by NOT floating its currency, indeed, that is a sure method of maintaining sovereignty.

In a few short decades the west made China a COMPETITIVE superpower -- the joke is now on the greedy pigs. BIG MONEY and other ruling interests now wish to move manufacturing and production to a nation they are able to fully exploit and control and India's huge cheap labour force presents as the best alternative.

Note the very recent blitzkreig and slaughter of Tamils in Sri Lanka, assisted by American satellites; NOW we hear the lackey Indian PM screaming the 'Maoist' underclass are the "biggest threat to Indian security" -- get ready for another internationally assisted massive offensive, which in fact is clearing the way for rapacious Capitalists and plunderers -- as it is only the politically strong Indian 'left' that is able to offer resistance to the plans of the plutocrats! [Indian markets are not subject to central government control like China; the plutocrats would have a free hand if successful.]

HOWEVER, the underfunded, underarmed, OPPRESSED underclass may (definitely) seek the assistance of China, Russia or both, making the situation an interesting gambit to say the least.

One million slaughtered innocent civilians in Iraq and the human devastation in Sri Lanka would present massive problems for the murdering plutocrats -- they would not be able to repeat those methods in India; nevertheless, they would no doubt try!

Hopefully you are now able to see the BIG picture -- just follow the obscene money trail; the thousands of trillions of dollars and things become much clearer.

We believe that Russia and China are poised, each wishing to offer 'humanitarian' assistance to the Indian oppressed.

The joke may once again be on Wall St! As each day passes 'they,' in their desperation, are forced to tempt fate further.

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