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In our amoral, cowardly faces!
by stylus Friday, May 28 2010, 8:54pm
international / injustice/law / commentary

The entire world – including the Hague (plainly corrupt) Courts and the joke that is the UN -- watches as the US continues its overtly criminal, civilian-killing Drone strikes in Central Asia and Africa. These strikes are conducted by a non-military organisation, the CIA, a situation that clearly exacerbates and increases the criminal nature of the crimes, which are committed almost daily by the Obama administration.

Afghan child
Afghan child

We would add that this type of conscious, indiscriminate killing of civilians is a most dastardly and COWARDLY act, it highlights the barbarity of the offender and the inability of a so-called ‘super power’ to fight a legal war under existing international laws and conventions. However, the most deplorable offence, in the circumstances, is OURS for allowing such OVERT criminal activity to continue.

The entire world remains paralysed; the people display a pathological complacency while the clearly corrupt courts/regulators hope beyond reason that history is blind. Well, historians would remind us all that history records the facts as they unfold, especially those so grotesque and incriminating as to make ignoring them impossible!

Another ABSURD, yet not unrelated reality, is the official 9/11 report that flies in the face of common sense, reason and the laws of physics – we should never forget that it is 9/11 to which successive US administrations constantly refer to justify their criminal activities abroad -- yet the FACT remains, 9/11 is itself an under investigated crime scene; the collapse of building seven (WTC7) alone compromises the government story/cover-up.

For those who remain ignorant or unaware of the FACTS, we offer again video proof that the collapse of building seven was a controlled demolition NOT the result of an ‘external terrorist’ attack!

It is indeed unfortunate for us all that future generations will look back at the abysmal failures of early 21st century society and ask themselves how was it possible for an entire generation to remain paralysed and in denial in the face of such heinous and brazen war crimes, holocausts and financial frauds?

The current generation has much to answer for and will forever remain stained, as there are no excuses in view of the OVERT nature of the INJUSTICES and the horrendous criminal offences committed!


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