Cleaves Alternative News

by Jalal Tuesday, May 18 2010, 10:12pm
international / prose/poetry / literature


It is prudent at times to withdraw
from the battleline,
which offers only an immediate view
but an extremely intimate and necessary encounter.

Review, consolidate
and attack anew with vigour
and surprise;
attack constantly –
(criminal) invaders
succumb to attrition
they are certainly,
permanently defeated
and ruined thereby.
It is simply impossible to sustain
a criminal war.

The enemy is aware and attempts to convince
a civilised world that ‘permanent war’
is a solution rather than its manufactured disease –
a transparent ruse at best,
at worst a recipe for (their) ruin and disaster.

Beware though
that strategic retreat does not
degenerate into an extended lapse or
prolonged withdrawal;
remain vigilant, comfort is the (transient) luxury of losers.

This war, as those waged before it,
allows no compromise -- FREEDOM or DEATH,
the battle cry of our ancestors and fathers. God is Great!
Our homes and lands restored thereby.

The bones of criminal invaders,
murderers and thieves
litter our gorges and valleys,
their bodies feed our worms,
their souls,
in torment,
thrash in hell.

We have no other choice but Victory;
such is the strength and perseverance
born of Necessity.

Death to the monsters that routinely,
and knowingly
murder our women, children
and clansmen from the sky;

we are less than human in their eyes,
a poisonous sorcery they inflict on themselves.

God’s creation is not mocked or demeaned by
infidels, murderers and thieves;
their corrupted souls are eaten,
and their minds destroyed in the attempt.

Only fools and Americans would dare oppose Creation.

I must rest now,
time enough to spin
a white cocoon
and dream a while;
only to emerge transformed,
deadlier than ever.

(Our Victory and a place in Paradise assured.)

Allah'u Akbar!

Cleaves Alternative News.