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Failure by Conscious Design: Private Banking
by cleaves Saturday, May 8 2010, 11:57pm
international / social/political / news report

The masses sometimes remind me of a woman I once knew; completely oppressed/stifled by her current relationship and living conditions but unable to face the uncertainty and challenge of breaking FREE! Don’t we all know it to a greater or lesser extent? Gender really has nothing to do with our internal contradictions, fears and the uncertainty of facing the unknown. Nevertheless, how does this analogy of human emotions relate to the forced failure of the (criminal) PRIVATE banking/financial system?

Almost the entire Western educated world is AWARE that banking/financial failures, which precipitated global economic collapse and the blackmailing of governments by private bankers to bail out the PRIVATE, commercial banking system, is a CON at best or a CRIMINAL enterprise at worst – but what to do, asks the average citizen? The answer in two words, BREAK FREE!

Consider the REALITY for a moment and be heartened by the prospect that almost all y/our debts and financial obligations are to the private sector, the sector that has been exploiting and robbing society for the past 50 years! Forcing the failure of the international parasitic banking system would clean the slate so to speak and literally FORCE social change.

New, real REPRESENTATIVE governments would immediately replace the bought lackeys and puppets now in office. Banks would be returned to the people -- nationalised -- and the Courts would be busy Jailing treasonous politicians and the executive class that are largely responsible for the ills the world now faces. Community based organisations would be given greater autonomy and a spirit of mutual co-operation and assistance would replace the current FAILED model of DEBT SLAVERY.

Of course, we could opt for total anarchy and a rip-roaring orgy of destruction, blood, guts, lynching of rogues, corporatists and nefarious shadow groups (CIA, NSA etc) that have caused so much NEEDLESS suffering, destruction and misery throughout the world. We are all able to relate to the anger these clandestine, criminal organisations/groups have elicited in the masses, it’s only human, BUT we are enlightened 'evolutionaries,' I hope!

We are easily able -- by popular DEMAND and minimal force -- to surgically REMOVE the cancerous disease/filth that has infected our societies, they are very few indeed; their names and locations are known to us, it would be a trifling matter to place them under arrest and try them before the people in REAL courts of JUSTICE.

Essential infrastructures and national wealth would be preserved and utilised for the common good – need I go on or should I simply reiterate, “the only thing to fear is fear itself!”

Regardless of the view one takes, it is abundantly clear that the prevailing (criminal) system is UNTENABLE; surely it is preferable to stage an organised take-over of corrupt institutions than to go on an orgy of destruction. Unfortunately, these are the only two options that present themselves today – we have allowed the system to degenerate to a critical mass.

You may engage CHANGE by whatever constructive means are available to you – for those with tighter restrictions simply engage change by slowly DELAYING then defaulting on all your debts to banks and financial institutions – steady as she goes, the system will collapse under the pressure of delayed payments, it is currently only holding on by a gossamer thread!

It is OVER and we welcome a NEW BEGINNING as we welcome a NEW DAWN.

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