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Unforgettable Moments
by tim Sunday, May 2 2010, 5:55am
international / prose/poetry / literature

our poets have abandoned their keyboards
to take up arms and
join those fighting on the front line.

i am left with the daunting task
of penning some poetry;

Ďlet it flow,í they all laughed as they left.

it is for you, toni, that i write:

i have never forgotten that first (and last) kiss

the instant our lips met
our bodies scintillated
from the toes through to the top of our heads,
completely overwhelmed by the power of our souls
exchanging signatures,
greeting, embracing,
swooning in delight.

it wasnít only you left stunned, disoriented,
and a little daunted
i didnít know what hit me either
so delicious, warm and permeating
that experience.

your sweet kiss gripped my entire being
so surprising the exchange
i forgot myself entirely,
transported to paradise
for an unforgettable moment.

a kiss like no other before or since -- O, toni,
you neednít have taken flight like a young girl
fearful of losing a treasured prize.

i couldnít blame you then nor could i now
we were left spinning,
disoriented in sublime space
but you vanished after that extraordinary encounter
leaving me with a profound and tender
memory tattooed on my soul forever.

remember me as i remember you
a perfect moment unspoiled by familiarity;
a magical moment that only our two bodies/souls
could share.

no regrets,
though i sometimes wonder
what sublime heights we could have reached together.

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