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American ‘know-how:’ not worth a ‘pinch of shit!’
by korel Wednesday, Apr 14 2010, 10:31pm
international / mass media / opinion/analysis

It is no secret this site – and sister sites throughout the world -- vigorously oppose state terrorism and unrepresentative, fraudulent democracy – hence we oppose the FLAGRANTLY criminal USA and its allies! We shout our condemnation from the rooftops, in the streets we OPENLY and FREELY distribute CDs, flyers, every form of media and written hard copy imaginable and of course we SATURATE the digital world with accurate information about a NATION gone ROGUE and its criminal activities. And for all this OVERT activity over nearly a decade, the US and their (tenth-rate) geniuses/agents and a host of other imbeciles from associated criminal organisations, have failed to apprehend ONE of us -- YES, I mean ‘1’ – ROFLMFAO!

We function in PLAIN sight yet yankee doodle morons that pull trillions of taxpayer dollars in wages are UNABLE to locate just one of us – you fuckin’ geniuses! While the King sleeps the Queen is sucking our cocks – AND LOVING IT, you dumb American fucks.

Armed with nothing but keyboards, second-hand presses, rooms full of tower burners, we have become a veritable new media model for the underground and independent publishers – we distribute freely no copyright. Yet money pours in from patrons, donations and our stealthy digital Uber warriors. However, the fundamental distribution model remains FREE!

The tone of the discourse on the net has changed according to a planned strategy, still the morons are unable to locate us or respond appropriately – they simply have no answer, have ‘they’ Rupert? They couldn’t find their dicks to take a piss!

THE ELITE SKILL BASE HAS GONE to the INDEPENDENTS – we fight for freedom, liberty and real representative democracy. Did you hear that Obama, you servile piece of tap-dancing shit – the word is out on you; you’re a dead man walking and the threat is internal! The joke is on you, John D!

America has already lost the war but fails to realise/acknowledge it – while its mis/disinformation continues to dupe locals and allies it hangs on by a gossamer thread – but as everyone with half a brain knows – IT’S OVER for UNCLE dumbfuck! No longer able to distinguish between day and night it must inevitably fall into the pit!

The response from the ‘world’s most powerful nation’ to date – don’t make me laugh – is VIOLENCE/WAR and transparent LIES, brilliant!

We have turned 90% of humanity against the criminal USA, not a difficult endeavour given the evidence! But the fact remains!

Consider how the Internet has SUBSUMED every form of media that came before it and how antiquated media moguls FAILED to see the future? Instead of mastering NEW REVOLUTIONARY MEDIA, with the advantage they already possessed, they and their antiquated advisers attempted to contract, regulate and CENSOR/restrict a medium expanding at light speed -- M-O-R-O-N-S!

The game was afoot but media moguls failed to even see the ball, they instead tried to bribe the referee, too late in the game!

The game has overtaken them/us all and expanded beyond the known (traditional) playing-field into the wider world where it has been incorporated into daily life; it is now taken for granted, as a given – what day is it, Rupert? Don't forget to give my regards to the ‘spritely’ Rockefellers and Rothschilds at the next CFR meeting, you antiquated, living anachronisms?

Catch us if you can, and never forget, there’s a light pole with your name on it!

Invaders are inevitably Defeated and Expelled

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